How we should and how we do?

I wrote my first blog last week. And I told my friends about it. They read it and generally gave great replies. And after that the first thing on my mind is what to write for my next blog?
Usually when I write I write down the general idea and then build a chassis of what I want to write. I did the same last week.
I had a couple of ideas, but every single one of them lacked something. Till this evening I didn’t know what. Then it hit me.
I had become suddenly very conscious of how my friends will react when they read my blog. And the idea didn’t lack anything.
And then abruptly I knew what I wanted to blog about. It hit me. Last week I wrote quickly, without thinking too much about it or trying to decide whether it is good or bad. I wrote and completed it in fifteen minutes and posted it. And now I realize the difference.
Now I am thinking so much about what to write that I pretty much forgot why am I writing in the first place. It is not for getting followers, or not for getting people to viewers or comments.
It is about me enjoying the simple act of writing. I enjoy it. Give me a pen, paper, an intriguing idea and I’ll start ignoring everybody.
Now I think about it I realize that maybe that is what is mostly wrong with people around me.
If there is an exam, everybody is worried about the grades before even writing the paper. Many times worried more about a paper which they gave a few days ago.
If there is a task then the worry is about the outcome rather than the task itself.
And that is where I believe I used to be. I worried too much about what can happen(like what will my friends say about a story I wrote in my book) rather than enjoying the present.
That is why wrote a blog. I will rather enjoy the process rather than the outcome. The outcome is mostly always hardly satisfactory. Though the desired outcome makes you ecstatic, it hardly lasts. But when you enjoy the work it lasts.
So basically what I mean is: stop worrying about the results. They come and they go. There is always something else, there will always be another opportunity. And it is all temporal.
But if the dints are enjoyed then you learn something more. Value your work and efforts. After all that’s all you have in your hand. Only if you learn to enjoy the work only then you will learn something new. Only then you will feel content with what you have achieved.
Like last week another quote from Kung Fu Panda ” Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.”

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