Days Past

I just read a post of outmannedmommy  titled Simple Pleasures.
And while the 2 year old is so cute in those pictures I would like to talk about something else.
While reading the blog I started recalling my childhood. And my reminiscences of my childhood surprised me too. I remember so much of those days.


I remembered my first Picnic game which I always played with anybody and everybody in my house, guest or family. The fake currency I once even tried to use to buy biscuits.
There was chess which I never got better at. But I still played and always cheated to defeat my big brother. And at those days when there was no Tom and Jerry airing on the TV, I would pick up a deck of cards and try to make a house of cards. The toy yellow car which had opening doors!
And how could I forget the all time favourite G.I.Joe action figures. I was such a fan of those figures that I always insisted on buying a new one. Even when these figures broke and became limbless I still kept them.
I also recalled the basic electronix kit I had got on my birthday but nothing in it worked. But I had fun just trying to connect all the bulbs, motors and battery.
I could go on and probably list out all the toys I had when I was small. Also this may have little or no relation with the above mentioned post. But after reading that post I had a big smile on my face. Partly because the post was great in its own way but also I could relate to it.
And just thinking about my childhood brought back so many memories that in a second or two my present was gone and I was in the past.
So after reaching home I looked through the cupboard and guess what?! I still have the G.I.Joe action figures, the fake currencies and chess board though it is broken in two pieces now.
Just having all those toys in my hand and I was transported back into my childhood. All the memories, I don’t know from which bank, came rushing back. I could feel the joy of winning the chess game, mimicking voices while playing with action figure, and it goes on and on.
I never gave those toys away. I never knew why. I think I know why. They are memories. Memories too innocent.
What I wouldn’t give to go back to my childhood again. When I could eat what I want, when I studied because I enjoyed it, back when everything was so simple comparatively. Back when I innocent of the ways of the world. Back when pleasures were simple.
Not saying I know everything today, I’m still naive. Not saying that I don’t like growing up either or I abhor responsibilities that come along with it. I just miss the simplicity of those days.
Now I’m stuck on my phone. Everybody is stuck on their phones. There are games here too but it can’t replicate the excitement and amazement of the past.
And after I kept my toys back in the cupboard I knew I’m never gonna give them away. They may break in time and I’ll have to throw them away but somewhere still I will recall the joy of those fifteen years past days.
Thank you for that post.

One thought on “Days Past

  1. Thank you for reading my post and I’m so glad it brought you back to such a happy time. That’s the amazing thing about having children, you get to play with all your old toys again and see someone else fall in love with them just like you did. It’s joyful. Great post!


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