Make them Linger

(In response to Daily Prompt)
Tell us about times in which you linger — when you don’t want an event, or a day to end. What is it you love about these times?
My usual response would be I want happiness to linger. After all, my first blog was on the same topic.
But that is too broad.
Just a few days ago, while heading to college I met a big Husky. I played with it, scratched him behind his ears while the dog jumped and tried to lick my face.


And later it went about to his daily morning routine. Abruptly. And I just stood there.
I’m not saying that he shouldn’t have. I can pet any other dog, I have my own dog for that matter. But when you are having a really bad morning, you are tensed about your day and at that time the Husky or any other dog can make you forget about it. I forgot all about my bad morning. That day I entered college smiling a big grin.
I want those moments to linger.
Me and my friends met. In our lunch break we ate our lunch, cracked some jokes and went about to our own business. Some of my friends I met after a year, and though the conversation was a little too formal, I want those meetings to happen.
I want those moments to linger.
I read a post a day ago. While the entire post was heart breaking, the particular part where the author describes his father’s plight(My prayers for him) had an impact. And suddenly my problems seem too small.
I feel humbled, inspired even, there was a sudden determination in me to tackle my own problems knowing that someone, somewhere is facing worse. That gives me a much needed push.
Another post, he wrote about at the end that he looked at the stars and realized how trifling his matters are(I think I am interpreting it correctly).
I felt the same at my Camp whenever I looked up at the night sky.
I even wrote a poem about it.
“Oh stars in night sky,
They look above like firefly.
These tiny dots,really are as big as they can be;
But they let the moon give light see.
And as hard as counting stars is,
More is to get the creation of His.
And the sad part now, I can’t see them up above.
And if I have to travel for hours I will,
Coz the night is full of tiny lights;
And we forget how bright the little lights shine!”
I want those moments to linger.
( I am not saying that somebody should be faced with a fatal problem)
What am I saying?
It is this. Sometimes life seems too difficult, too boring and full of despair. But I know there is going to be something at the end to make me happy, something for me to push forward. When I met that moment, whether a dog, a person or another person story(Nick Vujicic) I get inspired.


I get humbled.
I get hope.
I get joy(Depending upon the moment)
I want those moments to last. To linger.
(P.S if I have offended anybody then I’m sorry.)

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