Daily prompt: Remember those moments

In response to
What are the three most memorable moments — good or bad, happy or sad I have written posts similar to the prompt before too. My post ephemeral feelings, make them linger are somewhat similar too. So this time I’m writing a fictional story on the mentioned prompt.


He stepped on the gas, making his Ford SUV to go even faster. He was trying so hard not to look back and ponder over what all he had lost.
James always loved SUVs and now, not how he wanted to, he got to try the power of the said SUV. Although he always wanted to, now the power of SUV had no effect on him. He just kept accelerating, ignoring the speedometer.
He had blurred vision, he was trying so hard not to cry. Not to breakdown. Not to stop. But his mind kept going back to the hospital. To his wife’s face. To the agonized look she had in her last moments of her life.
It was an hour ago when she started gasping and panting. Doctors rushed in to help, gave her some medicines and tried to look for the problem. Now even if they do find the reason it was already too late to be of any assistance to his wife.
She was gone. Abruptly. A day after giving birth to their daughter.
He could recollect the moment, so clearly in his mind. He held her hand, murmuring words, telling her their daughters sleep patterns. Telling her which school they will send their daughter to. Anything and everything regarding their daughter. So she will hold on to her life, hold on to her husband’s hand. She took a last breath and she let go. And just a moment ago what was a weak grabbing hand was now a limp weight.
And it was all too much for James. Two days ago he was the happiest man alive. A healthy daughter. He recalled the moment when he held their daughter for the first time. So small and fragile. Pink colored cheeks, eyes which opened for a second, and it seemed that saw her father and closed again back into slumber.
As he sat beside his wife who now held their daughter, he could see the tears which came unbidden from her eyes. She smiled with such fierce joy and proud upon holding their daughter.
Back to present. He slammed the brakes on his SUV. And slumped in his driver’s seat, sobbing quietly. Memories from the past now came forth, resurfacing.
He could recollect their wedding. How stunning his wife looked in that white dress. He almost forgot his vows after seeing her.
He remembered their first date, seven years after they first met. And just after they started dating he lost his father. The loss, the pain he felt when he received the terrible news. He recalled his father in the coffin, looking as he always looked. Just without his smile. Just without the verve he had.
He recalled every one of his success, every one of her success. He recalled his graduation. He knew his wife then only by name. In fact he could recall calling her a slut behind her back.
Loss was a constant companion of his he guessed. He lost his mother when he was ten. And he father a few years ago. Now his wife. His love.
He recalled his mother’s homemade pies on Sunday. And he could recall the look of joy on his parents face when he did his first stage performance.
He shook his head, still crying. The stage performance. That was from when he was eight years old. He didn’t know he could still recollect that old memory.
All those years ago, he was part of a play. He was just a tree at the time. But his parents supported him. And they encouraged him. The picture on the dining table, one in which he was dressed in the tree outfit broke long time ago.
Suddenly running away from his problems was not an option. He had to be there for his daughter. Their daughter. Be there for her like his parents were there for him

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