Daily prompt response: Tired of this Shit

I read a post Blaming and Punishing The Victim recently. And I got really angry.
My day wasn’t all that great. And on top of it, to read something like this.
We are very sure, very confident. In fact over confident. Confident in news like this is only part of others lives. We understand what plight they must be going through. But we don’t know the plight, the misery.
Open a newspaper, what will you definitely see amongst the articles of lifestyle and celebrities is a horror. An anathema.
A 5 year old girl raped.
Wife molested, abused and killed by husband.
Special Needs child refused admission in school because he can’t afford it.
Terrorist Blast in some area, killing some twenty people and injuring hundreds.
College student ragged.
And if you do read the papers you will know this to be true.
I stopped reading the papers because of this. I mean why should I? Things are not going to get better, might as well avert my eyes. But the sad thing is this, you can’t turn away from this. Every where you look the sight will be the same.
Your blood does not boil? You don’t feel any remorse after this?
I am angry. I am tired of looking the other way.


That is why I am writing this post. And I’ll do all I can so that as many people read this.
Crimes on woman.
Dude she is not a rape victim. Neither is the girl who has an explicit video on the internet. Neither is she a girl who was abused as a child. She is not any of the things which may have befallen on her in the past.
Learn to respect the girl for what she is today. Not define the girl, or categorize woman because of her past. Don’t categorize her on the basis of her profession either. Even if she is a prostitute or a stripper or a pornstar or a five year old girl.
YOU have to look at each of them in the same way. Respect each of them the same way. Each of them has the same rights. Give it to them.
Unless and until your temperament changes regarding woman, nothing will change. It is, according to me, the first milestone. Reach it and then enforcing the laws will be easier. Reach it and maybe woman will become safer.
The same goes for the rest of the things. Just because a boy likes to carry a pony shaped school bag doesn’t give anybody any right to bully him. He has the every right to do so. Belittling others is your confidence. That the same can’t befall on you.
A person may be straight or gay. YOU don’t have any right to judge that. YOU are not being judged by the said person. Grow up.
Why did I say that we are overconfident?
Because we don’t change unless and until we are stuck headfirst onto a wall. We don’t realize that today’s news can very well be their tomorrow.
How can they think that it won’t be their daughter/sister who is molested? Or it crosses their minds but they disregard the thought. How can they be feel safe in their homes, when they can be the next victims of a robbery gone awry. When their child can be next victim of ragging.
And this is what concerns me.
We are overconfident.
Our lives is based on friends, love, money and certainty. But certainty is broken then we are facing a crisis. A crisis which we have heard of, read about, talked about and then as quickly forgot about. Our confident is not baseless, but rather it is very frail. Once the dominoes fall, there is hardly any stopping it. Your family will stand with you. Some of your friends will stand. But essentially you will be alone.
You know this. So wake up. Grow up.
Don’t categorize people. Rather be humane. Show them compassion.
I may have been completely incoherent in my rage. So I’ll sum my thoughts up.
Don’t treat anybody differently. Irrelevant is their past or their profession. Understand this. Make others understand this. If I could even reach through one person via this post then you have the responsibility to make sure that someone else is also made understood. Spread the word. Don’t judge a person by what he wears, or by what he carries.
Be a better person, do your part and maybe somebody will else will follow your example.
(I used your advice to write this message)

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