Saturday Birthdays

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Saturday Night

Saturday. This is on most weekends the best time. Holiday the next day. I become automatically relaxed. Before even the clock shows 11pm I feel sleepy and go to sleep.

And Saturdays is the time when I can sleep for hours because I don’t have to get up early the next day. Saturdays I read novels, watch TV shows I missed out on, movies I want to watch. Saturdays I stay at home as my entire family’s at home.

But this Saturday was a little different. It was my big brother, Navin’s 22nd birthday. And what’s different? This birthday he spent at the hospital.

Earlier this week he was admitted to the hospital on the susceptibility of having a chest infection. Though now almost fine and back to being himself(pain in the ass), he is still being kept under observation till Monday. So birthday in the hospital.

I went to the hospital in the morning with tea and cakes. And when in the evening daddy mommy and me got to the hospital to celebrate his birthday the best way we could under the circumstances, we found he had already had enough restricted food for the day.

He had cakes, will have pizza with his friends and was telling for chicken in dinner. Idiot brother. He could control his hunger for food like that for a few days but no, he had to eat now.

We left him with his friends that night and came home for the second birthday, my dog Jimmy’s.

Now if you don’t have a pet or never had one you will find this bit strange. Trust me I have seen the look on people’s faces when I talk about Jimmy.

Four years ago, after celebrating Navin’s birthday,me and Navin were coming home when we started playing with this random stray dog. We never had a dog and always wanted one. That night we brought the stray home. On impulse, without worrying if our parents will agree or not.

Mommy loved the dog and daddy took his time getting used to the presence of a brown fur ball in the house. But eventually everyone was happy about the dog(there’s a story here too, not gonna get into it now).

And this Saturday was his fourth birthday. He is a bit older than that but we take 19 or 20th April to count his age.

Chicken rice for him too. He just hogged the entire thing down in like minutes. Surprisingly this two feet nothing dog eats more than I do when it is his favourite. And when he looks at your with those puppy eyes as if asking for more chicken there’s no way you can say ‘No’.

And the bastard knows it.

So he it is, Saturday night, two birthdays.





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