My one year

Thank you NSS-TSEC

A year and a half ago, I attended my first NSS camp. And I had a blast. Absolute blast.

And at that time I had made up my mind about applying for the committee in the upcoming year/tenure. And I applied for it a year ago. And was selected too.

And this year in college! It is probably the best in my college life so far. I did everything. Well almost everything.

Treks, camp, blood donation drive, street play, etc. I can go on and on. I was there for all of them. I did all of them. I enjoyed all of them.

A year of sweats and hard work, yet also a year of unrestrained joy and fun. And just two days my committee sat down to select our successors.

And while I conducted interviews I understood why I was selected. What did they see in me a year ago.

And this post is to tell you about what I learned in the last year:

1. Anything can happen- 
I mean it when I say anything can happen. And this is not to tell you that only good things can happen. Imagine the worst scenario and guess what it can happen. And seeing our luck, it will happen. So honestly how to plan ahead for something unpredictable? Well you can’t. Simply because if you can predict it so it isn’t unpredictable anymore. And there it comes down to how your instincts. Honestly my instincts weren’t super, but now actually sort of trained. No matter how useless my instincts were at least now they will kick in at times of need.

2. Confidence is the key-
A year ago I did have confidence. Not a lot and I could still fake confidence. And whatever confidence I had was baseless, untested. And my confidence was shattered too many times.  But after all I have done I do have confidence. Not baseless, not untested, Not fragile. Hell I can be sure that it is NSS which gave me enough for me to start blogging. Start being open about myself on the internet.

3. I have anger issues-
Typical case of shattering of confidence. I used to be confident that I could control my anger. Now I know better. My anger which on most occasions is swallowed and stored is a toxin. And when it does get out I hurt people. People that I care about, people that I respect and adore. So here I am trying to find a way to vent out my anger. I try talking to the person who made me angry(which I never did before).  

4. I suck at communication-
Like I just said, I tried talking. And I suck at it. But now I know better than to just raise my hands up in surrender and accept it. I know there is a lot of scope for improvement. I also know what people think about me. When my friends really did get a chance to know me then they liked me. It took its own time, but it did happen. And to those who are still bickering behind my back, either I’ll win you over or I’ll make sure that you never dare do it again.

5.   Me-
I am a little childish and when I tease people I enjoy it. Kind of having a sadistic self who enjoys seeing other’s misery. And yet I am also too mature for my age. I grew up to quick.  And this year showed me to balance that. Here I am sure that over a year I have developed a lot, and also sure that there is lots to be done. And I no longer have any doubts to my abilities. I know what I can do, what I’ll be able to do if I push myself. Like I said my confidence isn’t baseless anymore.

And the entire credit goes to NSS. Without that opportunity I wouldn’t have been able to list out even 1 small point. Without NSS I would have stayed the same self. The same self doubting, shy and scared person.

So thank you!
P.S I still couldn’t put it into proper words about how I benefitted from this one year.

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