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(Great Expectations

Tell us about one thing (or more) that you promised yourself you’d accomplish by the end of the year. How would you feel once you do? What if you don’t?)

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The Setting’s the ThingToday, we challenge you to create a compelling setting for your story.)


(Daily Prompt: Always Something There to Remind Me

It is 31st December 2011.

Harry sat and asked for another beer.

“That’s your fifth. What’s the occasion?” The bartender replied with a grin.

Someone said it right, a bartender is the best kind of priest for confession. But harry wasn’t here for confession. His obsession had brought him here.

A year ago he attended his office’s New Year’s Eve bash. He had fun. He drank, joked, laughed and occasionally flirted with every girl that could consciously move.

And then he saw her.

She was one of the best girls he saw. Brunette, hair tied behind her head in a bun, still dressed in her office clothes she walked in. Her round face and tiny eyes, which even from far he saw were blue. A smile slowly spread across her face as he interacted with others, and he saw that smiling came easy to her. Her smile had an exuberance he never saw before in anyone before.

And she had dimples in which he could dive and lay forever.

And she noticed him gawking at her.

As he came near, a whisper escaped his throat. Then words. Then he sang when she could hear him.

You’re beautiful. You’re beautiful.
You’re beautiful, it’s true.
I saw your face in a crowded place,
And I don’t know what to do,

She laughed again and it only made him groan.

She heard something and turned away, completely ignoring him. And then disappeared in another man’s embrace.
They kissed.

And a fire burned in Harry’s chest. Heat so intense that it brought tears to his eyes. He left before the new year countdown begin.

He tried to forget her. He honestly did.

At first he assumed that he will forget her with time; after all he didn’t even know her name. But he saw her everywhere. Every female colleague looked like her, every cute smile had dimples, every tied hair like her.

And yet none were hers.

He couldn’t get her out of his head. Her face was ingrained in his brain. He drank to forget her. He tried dating other girls but none were interesting any more.

He cursed himself for this stupid obsession. ‘What’s wrong with me?’ he asked repeatedly.

Every couple was a reminder of them. And he felt bitter and jealous towards everyone of them. He knew it was wrong but he couldn’t help himself. He didn’t know how.

And sometime in April he understood. He ran the party but he couldn’t leave. Somehow he had made a decision to talk to that girl. Somehow his new years resolution included that girl. His new years resolution was that girl.

And he didn’t even know her name.

May. He found out her name.

Janice. Janice Price soon to be Janice Price-Quentin.

She was engaged now. And he broke his phone when he got that news.

He tried again to move on. It took a bitter turn now, self destructive now. Drugs and alcohol. Nothing helped.

Months passed and he couldn’t help himself from finding more and more about her.

And now, a year later he sat in the bar, cursing himself. Tired of this jealously. Tired of his obsession. Even a psychiatrist couldn’t help him.

His resolution was never meant to be achieved, he understood now. Just a regret.

December 31,2011. Some one played the radio and the song turned to “You are beautiful”. He sighed. No use pretending now, and began to sing the song.

And his eyes fell on the mirror behind the bartender. And there he saw Janice.

First he assumed that it is just his hallucination. But then he became sure it was her. Sitting alone. Checking her phone.

He didn’t move. He saw her, observed her. He doesn’t know or understand why but now he did not want to go and talk with her. He just wanted to see.

And James Blunt sang “You are beautiful.”

Harry said “It’s true.”

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