Life And Art

(Living Art

One day, your favorite piece of art — a famous painting or sculpture, the graffiti next door — comes to life. What happens next?)

Favourite piece of art comes to life?

A great topic for writing fiction in itself yet I find it a contradiction in itself.

How can art be lifeless?

Art, be a painting or a sculpture or even it be a written article or a poem. How can it be lifeless?

Why is a painting drawn? To capture something. Same goes for photography. Mostly it is to capture life in still.

A sculpture is made in resemblance to a certain life form. Be it an animal or a human, it is made to decorate and increase its appeal.

If art itself is nothing but an attempt to capture life in still, how can it be said art comes to life? Art itself is life.

Every time someone draws a portrait, a life is captured. Thus even the most delicate of lines in the visage are portrayed. The life is being captured. Everything has to be resemble the life itself.

Same goes for sculptures. The inanimate form is said beautiful, elegant and many more names because it is life.

Though you already know this and I am the only one understanding it now. Art is life. That is why walls are being filled with paintings full of colors and Life. That is why sculptures are one of the main attractions anywhere.

Because life attracts life. And as long someone notices these still lifeforms, they remain alive and beating. And as long they are shared they remain what they are, a representation of life.

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Thanks For Reading

6 thoughts on “Life And Art

  1. Thank you on putting my post on your list. 🙂
    Your DP post is dramatically and interestingly in its core, the same as mine, or the mine is the same as yours, or vice versa. 😀
    We had the same mind flow, I think. 😀
    I have found this Daily Prompt mission very hard, and really had no idea what to write about at first.
    And then, as it usually is, the idea came by itself- what is the greatest Art of all?
    And so the story began.
    Thanks a lot again! 🙂


  2. I like the take you took on the prompt. Art is Life (and vice versa). The catch here is that many of the famous works of art were created in times long gone. Also, for me, what is art? I see art in everything. My favourite coffee mug, many of the 100 year old tree on my University’s campus, my favourite piece of clothing, jewelry, film … It’s there, telling the story of human life as we progress.


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