I gave my last exam.

Now I can say (almost, results aren’t out yet) that I have completed three years of my engineering.

Three years of college are done. 75% of my degree I hold in my hand. It is like a joke I heard. After six terms, I now have ‘ENGINE’ of engineer in my name.

This year was probably the longest I have had. Not because it was drab. But because when I look back now, there seems to be too many memories to recount. And while coming home today, I couldn’t help but being lost in the reminiscences. I laughed suddenly making people around me regard me with scorn.

But wait, this post is not about what all happened. This is me looking forward to what is still yet to come.

First and foremost, there is the Football World cup coming up. And I am finally relieved of school or any other priority, I can stay up at night and watch the match!

Go Germany!!

And there is also a long list of things which I am hoping to achieve.

Blog daily. Make it a habit. Become as better writer as I can.

There is my GRE preparation. But that can wait for a few days. And maybe by blogging I should be able to be more verbose.

This time I’ll rather make better use of my vacations rather than sitting at home watching movies. No more joblessness.

I have to figure out which universities I am going to apply. And also there’s my project which I have to work on, and before that figure out which project I have to make.

And the most important. It is this one month where I don’t have to face the stupidity of college.

These things I may not be able to achieve. But I sure as hell going to try.

But first and foremost. World Cup, here we go!!

Last three world cups I have hoped for Germany to win. Lets see.
(This is probably the most random post I have written yet)

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