Internship day one

1. How not to get an internship:

Never trust your teacher when he says that he’ll call the company on your behalf and try to get you an internship there.

He is not going to call, and you will keep circling around him for two weeks or so before you give up.

Second no matter how many companies or hospitals (Biomed people get internships there too!) you call/meet they won’t keep you.

2. Only thing to do:

Call the person who you know has a job in the same field and he maybe able to help you.

Or like in my case, my parents knew someone who helped.

That all aside, today I had my first day as an intern.

Experience: Amazing

I had to leave and keep calling the company so many times to get there, I didn’t know where the company was.

When I finally got there, I understood it wasn’t a big company but rather a small scale industry. Which deals with Repairs, reselling and maintenance of CT machines.

Yes a little old machines but only because the contracts on their maintenance is now void. So these guys come in to help.

With a little skeptical about the ‘company’ I got in, and what do I see: engineers putting together a x-ray tube. Now I already have a very big interest in all imaging machines(X ray is one of them, so is CT).

After talking with the concerned authorities I joined those engineers. And I just assembled my first tube. Well they did, but I was with them. And it turned out to work in contradiction to how it was supposed to work. But after a little troubleshooting it worked perfectly.

X ray tube, a little light is now source of x rays
Top view of x ray tube. That is the filament connection
Inside of the CT scan machine console

Though skeptical about this in the beginning, now I am looking forward to this. This is exactly how I wanted. Practical knowledge!

For those who don’t know

X ray tube is like a heart of most imaging machines

CT scan machine is a advanced version of x ray machines which can take a 3D image of the body.

Thanks For Reading

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