Good Day(50th post!)

Now a friend of mine told me to start writing good things, repining that I always write things that upset me.

Looking back I know that it maybe true. I mean for the last couple of posts I have written about my internship and what all I realized after it, my bad exams(shit results are going to be announced soon) and my really bad temper.

So I’ll try to write some good things for today.

1) My internship did teach me good things. Great many things which unless and until you aren’t in the service field you won’t know. And because of it, when I was told to stand and talk about it in front of the class I could.

2) I am a good speaker.
I don’t know how this is possible, but I am not good with words. I suck at making friends. But when given me enough time and told me to prepare a presentation, I am GOOD.
Really good. I can see even the most uninterested people looking at me. I may have accomplished to enthrall them. And its a high to speak when all are listening so intently.
Same happened today. Me talking about my internship and people listening eagerly

3)Um, my dog is okay with rains. In fact now after 4 years he actually started enjoying them. He was running around pulling on his leash yesterday full excited and not a bit worried about the rains. I know I shouldn’t walk him in rains but couldn’t help it, we were already walking when it rained.

4) Now according to my WordPress app on my phone, this post is going to be my 50th!! I can’t believe I have written 50 posts and its been three months or more since I wrote my first!
I loved writing all the previous 49 posts, loved reading other people’s blogs. Loved finding more people with verisimilar interests and people who shared the same worries that I do. Or I did.
For the first time in all the social networking sites this is the first one where I can actually socialize. People are nice and show such humility that makes you feel right at home.
Best is this. I feel a peace each time I press publish. Relaxed. I should learn how to talk better with people I know, but I rather write now.

(I really love whining and bragging it seems 😉 )

Thanks For Reading