Turning Tides

Ever had a day where things go bad?

Definitely you must have. And I want you to look back on that day, and see if you agree with me. That a chain of bad things, like everything else, do come to an end.

I haven’t written for a while. I had some dull couple of days. Nothing to talk about. And honestly I guess I wanted a break.

But these two days were enough to make me write something.

Fights suck. I know, had enough if them myself. Thankfully I had none myself now. But I saw others recover from their wounds. Saw others try to help anyway they can. Even if it means trying to arrange a birthday party at the end of the day. But it doesn’t happen in a second. I hope it gets better for my friends.

And I wonder what exactly happens to me in college? It is like as soon as I enter the gates there I discard all sense and maturity. I become a jerk. I speak obscenities, my arrogance knows no bounds. It is like having some multiple personality disorder.

That is a complain that I usually get. And I noticed that it is true. Sadly, I am a different person in college. It is like wearing a mask with which I am so comfortable with I can’t even realize where I feigning starts.

Or maybe me as a person is a haphazard mixture of parts jerk and parts…(I can’t find a word here).

I planned on going for trekking on the Sunday.  And I love treks. It feels so good standing at the peak and look around. Effulgence of vista is breathtaking. But I had to cancel. Yesterday I twisted my leg in the train. That gall decision was the start of today.

And to continue, I just got the worse upbraiding in the three years I have had. Stupid mistake and if you are talking to someone who gives marks, its is better to keep quiet. Endure the heckles, cause things may deteriorate if more words are exchanged. And I can bet on me to exacerbate the scene.

After that I just stormed off. Didn’t say a word to anyone. Plugged in earphones and listened to songs and tried not to recollect the words directed at me. I still recollect them, phrases like what sort of upbringing have I had. I am not going to forget that one.

But like how I began the post about BAD things ending, I meant it. The difficult times in the past, I know it gets better. That time there may not any hope but the path is just ahead of you.

And my shame of making that stupid mistake in college was soon eclipsed.

I got my first check. My intern ship’s payment came through. And irrespective of how my temperament was that time, the message of getting paid brought a smile to my face.

First paycheck!!!!

Thanks For Reading

One thought on “Turning Tides

  1. I agree, bad days/times do come to an end. And, we all have a good side and a bad side. For example, imagine a cake in the window of a shop; we’re like that cake, decorated and pretty for everyone to see, but after you come inside, you can see the flaws more clearly, the crumbs, the frosting that’s sliding off. It’s not good to lose your composure, but don’t be too hard on yourself. 😉


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