#8 Betrayal


He lay gasping for breath. Water kept dripping from his face, hair all wet and stuck to his face. Cold ice water that rolled down on his bidy, his back, sending shivers across his body. Making it more difficult to breathe. And they started their inquisition again. Gathering their information which will be filtered across their grapevine.

He said all he could, more often repeating stuff which he had said before, stuff which was false. All he could say from his quivering lips and tremulous voice. Past the time. Eventually today’s session will end, and as his information will be less valuable he will too be less valuable. Hanging is imminent.

And he will embrace it like a old lover.

It was not always like this. Once he was a soldier. Once he was a friend. A loved one, but was the reckless one.

He played with fire all too much. The more exciting it got, more he wanted it the next time. He liked dangerous. Longed for danger. And that killed his collegues.

Somehow the more he looked back the more suicidal the mission looked like. Hell, that must be why he accepted it. That is why he was assigned with people like him. The ones who played with fire too much. And that must be why there was, is no rescue attempt.

Someone must have made a deal. Someone betrayed him. And he had no regrets now. He had it coming. He only wanted to know who betrayed him.

Which one of the friends that he ate with, he slept with, he fought with, betrayed him. And it hurts. This betrayal. And what hurts even more is the fact that he will never know who was the one responsible.

But that he has to let go. As the end is coming and when it does he will be ecstatic.

Because he liked danger. And death will be the ultimate reward.

3 thoughts on “#8 Betrayal

  1. There’s this certain stigma to being betrayed – once it befalls you, you really can’t help but feel less than, alone and very much like a hopeless failure. There was a time I was betrayed too; it’s a long story, but in a nutshell – I never felt that alone in my life, Mayur.

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      1. Hang in tight there, Darling. I hope it’ll make you feel better to know that you aren’t alone in dealing with freshly ripped and open wounds too – let me hop into that boat of yours. As for my life stories, here are two of my posts that elaborate on the same:


        I also have a lot more that I wish to pour out, in order to lighten the burden I’m feeling as I’m typing this down, all due to a heavy heart. I’ll definitely be dedicating myself to sit down and vocalize these nuances very soon, Insha~Allah. Over the next few weeks, then.

        ❤ 🙂

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