#9 Letting It Go


He could feel the pressure emitting from her. Her shoulders shook a bit. She walked with hands hugging her body, head down and frowning.

He knew as she walked towards him that something was very wrong. More than usual. More than the everyday upsets.

She talked. Told him about her blasted interview. The interview in which interviewer was her ex-boyfriend. And how at the end when he took it personal. How he demeaned her. Threw her out of the room. Accompanied her to the elevator all the while heckling her. Every personal fight they had over the years. Every sentence uttered was carefully chosen to hurt her, in all the right places.

She just made it out of the elevator. She never cries. She gets angry. She fights. She is selfish at times, a total bitch. But who isn’t. In this world everyone’s hurt one time or the other. And now she was humiliated in front of as many strangers as possible.

She never cried when she broke up. She never cried. She knew how to mask her emotions. Never showed the world she is upset. But now her face was changing.

Her eyes was wet. Just slightly more than usual. The specs she wore made it difficult to see her eyes properly. But just barely when he really looked he knew the tears are coming.

And they came. Big tears. One. Two. Three. All in less than a second. And she realized she was crying and she stopped talking. Just for a second. Then she fell. He barely held her just before she fell on the floor. He held her when she cried.

When she shook. And by the time she stopped she was asleep. He held her. Afraid of letting her go because she will get more upset. Looking at this episode just as a weakness.

But he was happy. Because maybe now she will let it go.

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