#11 Paint The Picture


Being an painter sucks. No one pays. Everyone takes your talent for granted. Everyone asks you what you do for a living. And people think that it is easy. No one realizes that art needs inspiration, but that should be something worth painting.

He sat on marine drive. Offered couples to get their sketch drawn. Offered his services. When he had no customers he looked at the sun and sighed. Sunset was always his darling. His first love. Only love.

A couple approached him. They wanted to get their sketch done.

Did I mention about his…?

He drew. He drew them like he saw. The guy for a weakling, thin ragamuffin. The girl he drew as a princess. Beautiful, kind and just by looking at her you could feel her goodness. But in reality, he looked like a prince. But she looked destitute.

They(he) stormed off in anger. 

He looked back to the sun again. But before the inspiration could hit him, another couple wanted their sketch. This was different.

He drew the girl as a vampire. Blood dripping from her fangs, and wearing more diamond than was possible. The guy he drew looked close to death. But guy looked at the same time in ecstasy.

The girl liked the sketch. Guy first refused that sketch was good, but in his eyes one could see surge of excitement.

They(he) paid graciously.

As he sat and gazed at the sun again he looked at two couples sitting near by in his right.

First couple, the guy was angry. That was obvious, but behind the veil he was in pain. God, such pain he was hiding. The girl was crying. Really and inside too. They were fed up, tried so much but they could not make it work. He felt bad for the couple. For they were really good souls. Just not good for each other.

Second couple were the same. Broken, in agony from inside. But they took selfies by the dozen. Girl pretended to look happy, guy was stupidly believing that things were okay.

Suddenly he thought, what would happen if the two couples exchanged partners. And in that moment he realized that their soul mates sat next to each other, but none were aware.

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