#13 Its The Holidays


December is always tough. Not because its the end of the year or because its the most expensive month of the year.

Its because it is so cold. Yes that was the only concern of the homeless. With so many people helping out, giving the homeless food and blankets to keep themselves warm.

But when has some worn out blankets a replacement for a roof above your head?

Eat some cold food. Go through the thrash. Get any job you can get. Be under scrutiny from every store owner.

Life is a cold bitch. And December is a stark reminder of that.

George sat near a drum which had fire building inside it. He did this every night. And every morning. Only way to keep his hands warm. And he was the big bad wolf around the abandoned mall. No one even tried talking to this guy. Rumors were that he is a murderer on the run. Vicious murderer. So hence the only one who get to warm his hands near the fire was him. Others built their own fires. They sat close by, in circles and happy, under the circumstances.

That night a girl drifted towards his fire. He shot her a look that would petrify the bravest. She hesitated but came closer.

She was in her teens he could see. A runny nose. Chirped lips. Mess of a hair and clothes too big for someone double her size.

‘Hi’ she tried. He ignored.

‘There were too many people around the other fires. I couldn’t get any heat from the hearth. Mind if I sit here for the time being?’

She waited a good five minutes for his reply. He didn’t react at all. He was a loner. This was his fire. He built it. He kindles it. Only he keeps himself warm. He kept his eyes to the fire. His hands palm faced to the fire.

As she turned, he said ‘Sure. Its the holidays’.

Holiday season are more than gifts and decorating.

(Post inspired by: LoudThoughtsVoicedOut’s The Santa Claus Theory )

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