#20 Leaping

(I couldn’t write for the last two days and I cover this up now)


Ever heard the wind? Its a constant wheezing sound. You never realize wind can sound like this.

Standing near the edge, waiting for his turn to bungee jump, the wind was all she could hear. Her friends all around her were talking and trying to dissipate their anxiety and fear.

She didn’t care. She was scared. It was her first jump and though she wasn’t acrophobic but she was scared. And this jump was one of the highlights of the entire vacation to this adventure road trip.

The person before her jumped. She saw him going down, faster than a bullet it seemed. She could hear his scream full of fear and adrenaline and excitement. And then the line snapped and the line pulled him back up. Like a rubber.

Her turn. Lines were attached. She stood off the edge. Taking her time to jump. Breathing loudly. Suddenly the noise of wind was absent. Like her ears were deaf. But her heartbeat was LOUD!

She took a deep breath and jumped.

It took her three seconds for the line to stretch out. Three seconds when all she saw was..  Everything.

She could see, in her adrenaline honed vision, the distant birds flying, the tiny particles of dust in the air. The ground she was heading towards, all the different types of plants on that ground. She saw a tiny squirrel on one of the trees. And she was that the land was becoming bigger and coming closer.

Wasn’t she supposed to be pulled back up by now? But there was no pull. The ground was reaching up to her in a tremendous speed. The line was not pulling her up.

No snap?!

Ground loomed closer, as if ready to assimilate her.

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