(This post is a long overdue. I could never get it right. Another post inspiration, Adi’s poem)

Write a fiction.
Write a story.
Write a novel.

And as you write you make characters. Some are nothing but a figment of your imagination, some inspired by real life people in your life, friend or foe.

And you go ahead with it. You write the characters, explore their different dimensions and ambitions. You want to invent something new. And after a while the characters become lifeless. There’s no depth to them, there’s no variations and their roles in the story is just redundant.  The characters are not what you intended to produce, the story doesn’t need them to move forward. The story moves forward without them just fine, even better mostly. The characters on whom you spent months evolving and building, the manifestation of the same are worthless.

Editing. That’s the key. It removes the unwanted to give a complete picture. No, not the complete perfect picture but surely a picture that’s better than before. And most of the time, it seemed like a really bad idea to edit out the characters. To not have those characters continue on till the very end of the story. But you have to let it go.

And that’s life, isn’t it?

People look great in the beginning. They give hopes, give a sense of goal when you meet them, but that’s short lived. Eventually, it stops working out.

I can try having certain people in life. Struggle to evolve a relationship with them. But when it doesn’t work, I have to let them go. There’s only sorrow down that road. The emotional investment will never be returned, neither it will be valued.

Because the more I try to hold on, the more agonizing it will become. And that’s the thing, sometimes it isn’t necessary to have the pain. It is not worth it. Those people aren’t worth it.

I would rather have the people who say “Thank you for being there always” rather than those who can’t see I have stood with them through it all.

So I’m gonna let it go. It isn’t easy. It maybe a mistake. But when I try to hold on to people who would rather be with someone else, I am begging to be hurt. It is selfish. It is going to be so easy to revert back to them. And when I know where that would lead to, I am the idiot for reverting.

And I can’t do it. Never again.

The world’s big. Thousands of people I have yet to meet. And the next time I meet another character like that, I should know better than to try  harder.

I guess I have some editing to do.

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