BE Biomedical Engineer

I graduated. Finally.

Last week my results were declared and yesterday my convocation was held.

There’s not much words to describe this but yes I am happy. It’s done.

God Knows What am I Watching!

Last week me and my friends were in Nashik. One night we all stayed up all night and talked. I said life’s much more than money or something similar. Life’s the journey we take not the end achievements. If I can say this I’ll remember my engineering for the last fours years more than this convocation.

9 thoughts on “BE Biomedical Engineer

  1. YAAAAY! Congratulations, college grad! Welcome to the real world!
    Seriously though, good job, friend! Glad everything went well! 🙂
    *And now we’re both college graduates* woot woot!

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              1. Yes we should. I also owe Akanksha a skype date sometime. But all skype dates must wait till September when I get to graduate school and don’t have my parents hovering around me 24*7. Posting on this blog itself takes a lot of sneakiness, so I have to be extra super duper careful with skype-ing and such.
                But short answer, YES. 🙂
                *random shit is awesome*

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