Guest Blog #2: Life As We Know IT

Local Train

So guest blog #2 By Stressed Mess! You read her interview here! She is really great at fictions and is bound to reach great heights later. Check out her blog! Without any more delay, here we go: Crisp Mumbai evening. He boarded the local train with commuters; but there was a difference between him and … Continue reading Guest Blog #2: Life As We Know IT

Guest Blogger #2: ‘Stressed Mess’ Interview

Blogger Interview

After I published my call for guest bloggers, Ms StressedMess here is one of the few to show any interest in this Thank you! So here is her small interview & you should totally check out her blog, 'Of Silver Linings And Stormy Nights' she is although new at her blog, she has a talent … Continue reading Guest Blogger #2: ‘Stressed Mess’ Interview

Fan Fiction: Lou Bloom

Fan Fiction: Lou Bloom

Literary Lion: Flower (I just saw Nightcrawler starring Jake Gyllenhall. I was captivated by his superb performance and when I saw Laura's post Bloom I had to make an attempt at fan fiction. I'm afraid I couldn't do it justice) ‘911. What is your emergency?’ ‘Hello my name is Lou Bloom from Video Production Network. … Continue reading Fan Fiction: Lou Bloom

Guest Blog #1: You Don’t Matter


Here is the Poetry as promised by Mr Brent Kincaid. You can also check out his interview.       You don’t matter at all, You hardworking citizen, You who toil at drudgery To feed all your children. When we need you to vote We pay attention to you But the rest of the time … Continue reading Guest Blog #1: You Don’t Matter

Guest Blogger #1: Brent Kincaid Interview

Blogger Interview

After I published my call for guest bloggers, Mr Brent here was the first to respond. Though initially I was hesitant to go ahead with this guest blogging routine because of a lack of response, I am going ahead with this anyway and I will run this series of guest blogging till I run out … Continue reading Guest Blogger #1: Brent Kincaid Interview

Dance Of Death

Dance of Death

Literary Lion. Dance She lay dying. Her clothes were bloodied although most of the blood was from her enemies. She had killed many of them tonight. But not enough and now only the most potent and deadly chased her down the alley. She knew she wouldn't outlive the hour, she had no energy resources to … Continue reading Dance Of Death

Calling Guest Bloggers!

Guest Bloggers Needed

I have discussed with a blogger friend of mine on the same topic and taking advice from her I intend to publish a series of guest blogs. If you are interested, you a blogger or just want to want to write I welcome you. I won't guarantee a lot of exposure, I myself suffer from … Continue reading Calling Guest Bloggers!

Keep Me As A Friend

Yes have me as a friend. I am interested in you. I want to know about you. I don't expect us to be best buddies. I don't want us to stay up till 4 am and have a profound conversation. But I will be your best friend if you need me to. I'll stay up … Continue reading Keep Me As A Friend