Guest Blogger #2: ‘Stressed Mess’ Interview

Blogger Interview

After I published my call for guest bloggers, Ms StressedMess here is one of the few to show any interest in this

Thank you! So here is her small interview & you should totally check out her blog, ‘Of Silver Linings And Stormy Nights‘ she is although new at her blog, she has a talent for writing fiction that blows you away and a visit or a follow to her blog is definitely worth it. Her fictional post series ‘Let the Masks fall away‘ are what made me follow her!


1. Who are you?

I am a 19 year old student from Mumbai. I come from a family of writers so writing is something that comes naturally to me. Its both a stress buster and my favorite way to pass my time. 

2. Why do you write?

I LOVE TO READ. I read everything from the generic teenage romantic novels to sci fi to books about deranged criminals. Just give me a book and i am a happy girl

3. Lastly any tips for bloggers(myself included) on how to improve writing?

I think the more you write the better you get.Also, It is always good to have a few people who will read what you write and give you an honest opinion on it. 

Like I promised, a short interview!

Her Guest Blog post(fiction) will be published on Monday night so do come back here to check it out.

Thank You for the support.

PS: I am still open for more guest bloggers and I encourage more to come. If interested then contact me on:

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