Guest Blogger #4: Alisha Khan Interview

Blogger Interview

I have been unfair to the guest bloggers who responded to my call. For the delay I have cause I am sorry.

After I published my call for guest bloggers, Alisha responded. I remember her comment on my blog about a few months ago and I followed her. From that day to today, her progress in the blogging world has sky rocketed and left me in wonder how did it happen?

A great writer, fiction and non fiction, Alisha’s blog is amazing and her name “LifeEventsObservation‘ is apt for what she write. She gave answers to some of my questions:

1. Who are you and why do you write?

Considering the extent of the universe and the population dwelling in it, I am a nobody! I am just like a drop of water going unnoticed in the massive ocean. I want to be that drop of water which is prized in a desert.

I’m a nervous jerk born in the beautiful land of Karnataka who stays in Mumbai. I have survived for nineteen years.The St Paul’s High School had imbibed great values in me and now I’m studying Media.

I write because I think that’s what I was made for. It soothes me. It makes me euphoric. It heals. And more than writing is my love for reading. I’ve read over fifty novels, have kept a record of every book I read and that’s what I consider as my greatest achievement. Without writing and reading, I’m valueless or that’s what I think.

2. What kind of stories/posts you enjoy reading most?

I enjoy reading the human interest stories the most. Also horror stories but a good horror story that practically makes your skin crawl is hard to find.

3. Lastly, any tips for readers/Mayur on how to improve their writing?

Keep writing and reading. It helps you discover yourself. What better way to say it than quoting George Martin, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”

Her Guest Blog post(non fiction) will be published on Monday morning so do come back here to check it out.

Thank You Alisha for the support.

PS: I am still open for more guest bloggers and I encourage more to come. If interested then contact me on:

6 thoughts on “Guest Blogger #4: Alisha Khan Interview

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  2. Hey Mayur! So glad to finally see my interview on your blog. I’ve nearly forgotten whatever I’ve replied to you in the interview. 😆 You’ve made some grammatical errors and mentioning my internship was not required as its only for a month!

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