The Narrowness of Minds

Something that needs to be pondered upon…

A Hopelessly Wandering Mind

What defines us still, to so many eyes? In the age of emancipation how do nations measure our skill, our worth? Justice falls away, prejudice remains, stains our character, suggesting opinions before they can form, and shunning those who do nothing to merit it. What’s in a name, what’s in the hue, the pigment, the colour of our skin to define our worth?


And yet, to some, to too many, it still means everything.

Frederick Douglass, ca. 1879.  George K. Warren. (National Archives Gift Collection) Exact Date Shot Unknown NARA FILE #:  200-FL-22 WAR & CONFLICT BOOK #:  113 Frederick Douglass, ca. 1879

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Guest Post #5: Quest for a Right Job

Here's Melissa's post. Do have a read, I for one found some great inspiration from reading this. This is one guest post I have not edited for it deserved to be as it is. Her Blog 'In Between Moderation' is amazing and worthy of a follow. You can also check out her interview. Take the stage … Continue reading Guest Post #5: Quest for a Right Job

Guest Blogger #5: Melissa Ruddy Interview

Blogger Interview

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Things Never Done


I traveled by bus past her area, thinking I will be unaffected. But I become overwhelmed by the past. The past was funny, flirty and childish. It was something inexperienced, new and cute as a baby. The face I never could recall. I always marveled at my inability to recall her visage, I'm one of those … Continue reading Things Never Done