Guest Blogger #6: Megan Interview

Blogger Interview

A while ago, I posted a Call for Guest Bloggers, Megan from ‘Invisible World‘ responded. She found me on Community Pool from Daily Post.  Currently she is one of the contestants for the upcoming #NaNoWriMo and obviously she wrote fiction.

Her long form fiction is amazing, particularly because she wrote about immortals and I love immortals. Her post will be published here tomorrow night. So let’s hear more from her shall we?


1. Who are you?

Megan, plain and tall. 

Just kidding! You can drop the plain and tall part (hopefully all of you have seen Sarah Plain and Tall…if you haven’t, well, go see it!).  

Actually, I guess you can keep the “plain” part in (and now that I think about it, I am tall.  So you can keep that part in there too.  What the heck.  Just call me Megan plain and tall), because I’m just your average blogger.  Nothing special about me.

Except for the fact that I have a whole world going on in my head. Yeah, that’s perfectly normal.  There’s nothing strange about exploring a world that only you can see, and meeting people that only you can talk to. 

Relax people.  No need to call the funny farm. I’m talking about my imagination.  If there’s anything remarkable about me, it’s my never-ending imagination and my constant quest to find ways to share it.  Maybe I’m not so plain after all.  (So you can stop calling me Megan plain and tall now  😉 )


2. Why do you write?

I write to share the aforementioned “world” with you.  What good is imagination if it isn’t shared?  My goal is to tickle your imagination, get the gears in your head turning, and make tears slide down your cheeks. 

Oh yeah, and make you laugh.  I can’t just leave you with tears running down your cheeks.  What kind of blogger would that make me?  


3. What kind of stories/posts do you enjoy reading most? 

I love fantasy.  There is something magical about…well magic.  Duh.    Besides fantasy, I enjoy reading anything in the historical, dystopian, or science fiction genres. 


4. Tips for readers/Mayur on how to improve their writing?

Don’t give up just because you aren’t _____ enough.   You fill in the blank.  We all have those times when we think we aren’t smart enough, talented enough, or skilled enough to write.  And maybe we aren’t.  But that doesn’t mean we should quit.  We never will be skilled enough if we don’t keep at it. 

 No one is born with the ability to write well.  Anyone who ever achieved their dream had to work at it.  They had to make mistake, after mistake, after mistake before reaching the level of expertise they were aiming for. 

And guess what?  Even then they made mistakes, because without mistakes, you can’t learn.  And you don’t stop learning until your dead.  (That escalated quickly.)  So my sage writing advice is, keep writing or you’ll die. 


Her Guest Blog post(fiction) will be published on Monday night so do come back here to check it out.

Thank You Megan for the support.

PS: I am still open for more guest bloggers and I encourage more to come. If interested then contact me on:


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