Voice To Words

It is 1 am and I’m typing this. It is because tomorrow morning I will not be feeling this elation.

Only an hour ago I had a Skype conversation with two blog friends. I follow them since long back and I feel like I knew personally. Only I didn’t.

I follow a lot of people, and if I’m following you I actually FOLLOW you. I read what you write even if I read it a month after you have posted it.

So when I spoke with these two, I finally did speak to them. Their 300 or more word posts had now suddenly a voice with very unexpected accents! Now I that I think about it, not really unexpected accents.

A very different experience from reading, speaking to someone. That may sound patent to anyone but only now do I realize what it actually means. You may too one day realize it when the author of the words you have been devoting your time on for years suddenly has a voice.

I don’t know if the plan I made may succeed or if we may end up doing the random shit and wasting our time. But it was fun to hear the voice of words, to listen to the accent and trying to not jump in ebullience when talking to someone for the first time.

I was surprised that the conversation even lasted half an hour. Half the time we struggled with awkward silences and figuring out what to say. But it was good, if we ever do it again we will figure out what to say.

12 thoughts on “Voice To Words

    1. I do not know if that’s sarcasm or a compliment
      If it is a compliment then why thank you.

      it is because of the stupid WordPress reader. It shows posts as per date and views. That is why I use my Google for reading people’s blogs.

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        1. Oh.

          If you are using your gmail for WordPress account then you will be receiving mails, check social section. Also, look at your reader settings and explore options. If options has ‘receive mail’ selected then you will get mails.

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  1. That’s how I got two great friends and have maintained them for decades. Online. To me, clever is clever and distance has little to do with it. For example, YOU are very clever and I don’t have to see your face close up to know that.

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