Discover vs Freshly Pressed: Why it doesn’t work for me

After I finished my NaNoWriMo, I returned to WordPress to find the best feature is defunct. The Freshly Pressed feed had provided me with loads of laughter and buckets of tears. It is now replaced with a new blog: Discover. The new blog is not bad but it does not deliver as Freshly Pressed did.

What was Freshly pressed?

WordPress has its own Editors and curators. They used to monitor the blog posts and the perfectly written and profound intimate posts were selected.

Being featured on the Freshly Pressed feed was getting stamped as the ‘Best of WordPress’. They even had a badge saying ‘Featured on Freshly Pressed‘ for the accomplished bloggers.

I have read in awe as the featured posts tore my heart; the words written reached out from  the computer screen and touched a quiet corner of my heart flipping a switch making me feel again.

I have laughed when the writer joked, smiled at the strength often overlook in our daily lives.

Freshly Pressed was the best perks of blogging. I used a read-it-later application called Pocket; it is inundated with hundreds of posts: 90% were featured on Freshly Pressed. I now follow most of the accomplished bloggers, reading more about their lives and slowly growing a companionship with them.

Now there is Discover:

Discover blog is, to my knowledge, is controlled by three or four bloggers: Ben Huberman, Michelle W,Cheri Rowlands and Kristi. These familiar bloggers are the owners of Daily Post. Ben is also the weekly author of Community Pool, a great place for gaining excellent traction for new posts.

Discover may not be bad; I may not have tapped on its true potential properly. I followed that blog and I would get at least 4 email updates. The Discover blogger would feature a small introduction of ‘Discovered’ post and a link to that blog. This is similarity with Freshly Pressed is a lot more complicated.

When I first browsed the blogpage I was discombobulated by the disjointed look of the page. I was and still am confused by the random thumbnails of posts and blogs combined, some of them being a small box and others are a huge rectangle.

Even explaining how the page looks is difficult because I cannot get it myself. To make matters worse: You cannot read the posts directly; you would have to go the original site when you find something that interests you.

Many of the featured posts on Discover are old ones; I remember reading them in Freshly Pressed.

Main Reason why I do not like it is….

I never got Freshly Pressed. I wanted to, I wrote extensively and tried to improve my writing, style to get featured on Freshly Pressed. The ever fleeing badge was the approval that I sought; it meant that I wrote a great post.

It sounds selfish and asinine to say it but yes, it is like losing the job I wanted and realizing that it might never happen again. I do not hate Discover or the work the four individual bloggers are putting into the site, I hate the closed opportunity.


7 thoughts on “Discover vs Freshly Pressed: Why it doesn’t work for me

  1. Hi, I’m on the Editorial team at—thanks for your feedback. To clarify, our process for curating Discover is exactly the same as it was for Freshly Pressed, so aside from the name and design, the basic structure of how we search for Editor’s Picks remains unchanged from Freshly Pressed. I suspect you’re seeing some repeats right now because a.) we have a slower posting schedule over the holidays, and b.) we’re feeding our Discover archive with some “greatest hits” in between new posts.

    Also, we designed the new format in a way that would allow us to share our picks and add a sentence about *why* we liked them. A lot of people wanted deeper context on why we picked something, so that’s the goal. We’ll also look at ways to make it clearer to those visiting Discover for the first time.

    If you have something you want us to consider for Discover, definitely send us a tweet to @WPDiscover with a link.

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  2. Aww! I also loved the freshly pressed but didn’t know that the best of blogs got featured. Maybe if you can send your feedback to the wordpress consumer care unit, they’ll make certain changes.

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