Jallikattu: Other Side of the Festival

I see the beast in you.


You tell that this is a festival, a celebration but it is actually a sport. I see the gleam in your eyes, I see that heavy breathing. I can see the excitement in your eyes; I know that look.


It is the look of an Animal. An animal like me; like my wife or any of my kin. But we are animals. You evolved past animalism.


Yet here we are, you present with your crowd. Braced and armed with sticks, clothes and ropes. You do this because you want to tame me; you who surprisingly a month ago was crying and advocating Beef Ban. You saved my wife and here you send me to fight for my life.


I can feel the lashes on my back, courtesy of my handler. I can feel the nails with which you are poking me with now, you are trying to make me feel afraid. Afraid and angry and desperate. Because only then You will be able to have fun in this.


I am wild animal. You push me towards the edge, towards death and I will attack. I will ram into you, charge at you with my horns aimed at your chest and try to win my way into freedom. You encircle me, threaten my life and you will get a desperation.


But alas, I know I cannot win this one. Because if one of you dies by my feet stomping or being penetrated by my horns; I will die. If I am lucky then I will be mercifully executed. If not then the death which awaits me….I have heard my brothers die like that.


I do not get you. You cry against cruelties. You protest against blind religious practices. Then you commit the same cruelties, you follow the same blind faith.


It is my nature to protect myself when threatened. I do not dress up in clothes and act intellectual only to be hurtful and mindless of the Dumb. We live in solitude. We do not kill each other for fun, we do not play sports and try to tame LIVES just for sport. We mind our business.


You do that. You live two lives; and for your tastes we are tortured, maimed and killed. And once we were prayed; once we stood next to Gods.



PETA India has long campaigned against the use of bulls in performances. In 2014, the Supreme Court passed a judgement in favour of PETA India and the Animal Welfare Board of India confirming a ban on jallikattu, bullfights and bull races. Despite this, the government is now permitting cruel events like jallikattu and bull races again. (7th Jan 2016)

Video footage from Jallikattu events shows that terrified bulls are deliberately disoriented, chased, kicked, punched, jumped on, dragged to the ground and stabbed, and people even twist and bite their tails to agitate them. Numerous people, including spectators, have died or been seriously injured at jallikattu events by bulls who were intentionally frightened as part of the “game”. During races, bulls are often hit with nail-studded sticks and pushed beyond the point of exhaustion. In bullfights, a round ends when one of the bulls either is killed or manages to flee.


We were enraged when we read about Yulin Festival in China. It still happened. But this is India, our home. We need to stop this; we should. Animals are living beings. You can help. Click here.

PS: I tried to write a piece which would induce an emotional reaction; I may have failed miserably. I do not mean to hurt religious sentiments but I am strongly against hurting of animals

UPDATE: Supreme Court stayed the festival and Jallikattu will not be played this year

image credits: pfapune

14 thoughts on “Jallikattu: Other Side of the Festival

          1. Thank you so much. I’m sorry I didn’t read the chapters of your thrilling novel but I will surely read it as soon as I get quality time to read, comprehend and enjoy every word.

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                  1. Arrey! I’m going to have an independent post for it. We need participants and I’ve got only six participants from the 60 people I’ve whatsapped. Its like no body’s interested.

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