Literary Lion: Pool

Fiction: Literary Lion: Pool. My response to Laura’s prompt: this time she challenged us to write a story in 100 words or less on her prompt pool.

pool-literary lion-mayur



First Feet, thighs and then chest. Finally, I was in the pool walking towards that sparkling beauty. The sunlight shimmered off the water surface. I prodded my way towards her; ignoring the increasing pool depth. When I slipped she, in all her breathless beauty, laughed. I fought my way against the water to breach surface and inhaled sweet air infused with her aroma.

She was no longer beautiful or desirable. She was the devil in red. But that didn’t stop my feet from moving towards her. I was spellbound. When I slipped again, I grabbed her leg too.

Thank You Laura. Check out other people’s responses:


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Literary Lion: Pool


12 thoughts on “Literary Lion: Pool

  1. Very intriguing indeed, I love that it has me thinking about all sorts of things… was she real, is she a vision, or representative of something else, or is she some sort of evil essence, or just a horrible person… I could go on. Great job. 🙂

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    1. Just click on the link in my post: it will lead to the prompter Laura’s page. You can participate too; its easy and super fun thing to do.

      Or just search Laura Literary Lion on google and I am sure you will find the prompt.


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