Fiction: Half Remembered Dream

Eyelids flickering. He should know by now he is dreaming, that it is almost 5 am in the morning. The time when the dam withholding dreams is released, random characters both new, remembered and fictitious manifest.

Yet he dreams on, his eyelids quivering as his sleep slowly withdraws, his breath quickening.

He is standing in a parking lot. He can hear dogs barking. Something is amiss because he has never been in such a parking spot yet it feels similar. He hears ‘I don’t wear hockey pads’ in a grumbling voice and realizes that his hands are tied and Batman is getting inside his Batmobile.

‘Bruce Wayne?’ he mumbles, both asleep and in the dream. Batman doesn’t hear him but someone next to him does. He turns around and finds his best friend, Helio next to him. There is blood pooling out of Helio’s mouth in a dribble. He can feel his heartbeat rising. He remembers Helio in such a terrible state before: it was the night that Helio died in an accident. He remembers the guilt of being a drunk driver, the emotional turmoil of waiting to hear back from the doctors about the operation. He remembers Helio taking his last breaths in his arms on the side of the road. He remembers the helplessness…..

‘It’s alright buddy, everyone knows who Batman is.’ Helio comments, his speech lucid despite the blood in mouth. He can’t speak, can’t say a word to his late best friend who is grinning, but that grin is all the more terrifying now. He can’t say as that night is still locked in his mind.

He wakes up; slightly drenched in sweat. This dream has always been repeating itself but now that he is awake he doesn’t remember the dream: doesn’t remember where the dream started from or who was in it. Everything is gone. He looks at the clock on his bedside table. Its only 4 am. He can sleep some more. His eyelids are already closing as he wills himself to not have the same dream he just lived through.

He is in a field, the empty air wheezing past his body. The field is clearly overgrown but no one has harvested it. The wind rustles the grass, picks up the dirt and blurs his vision. He doesn’t feel cold though. As he looks around, he finds a shovel in the north. The field he is walking through is orange and he picks up one of the fallen fruits. He tries to peel of the skin only to find that it is actually rotten from the inside. Orange rotten? He looks closely and sees that it is actually a mango in his hand. He throws it away and reaches the shovel. His hand is almost at the door…..

The alarm buzzes. He wakes up and sees that is 5:05 am. How could such a small dream take up an entire hour? Moreover, he wanted a mango now. He turns around to snooze the alarm and takes a big yawn. He feels the other side of the bed and sees that it is empty. His wife is not here, he recalls, she is out of the state. She always said that he is a sound sleeper but hardly quiet while dreaming. He takes another yawn and….

He is in the parking lot and he is not alone. He looks to his left and finds his wife beside him, she is young. Very young, she looks the way she used to look like when they both were in high school. Now it is day time and they are in their school parking lot. She is saying something but he can’t really hear what she is saying. She is angry at him, angry enough to start stomping away from him. He is confused about what but she is his wife so he runs after her. He runs but cannot reach her, she is always a couple of steps away from him even though he is running and she is walking.

He looks behind him to find that the parking lot is gone and he running across the terrace. He looks ahead too late and like a madman he jumps off the terrace. As he is falling down to the earth, which should have embraced him by now, he feels like he is underwater. Somehow the sensation of gravity is like diving inside a lake, slowly and controlled. It even feels cold but that maybe because he is falling. And just like that, he can see the ground coming to meet him all too fast….

And he wakes up, gasping for air. He looks at the clock it is 6:13 am. He jumps off the bed to get dressed. His mind however is still reeling and he remembers only a couple of things: running & the sensation of being underwater. He remembers his heart pounding, threatening to burst through his chest.



Well I was watching Inception last night so….



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