Melancholy of Goodbye

It’s weird saying goodbye. It’s weirder if it’s a place to which I am saying goodbye to. The past weekend I had a road trip to Hamilton, which kiwis call the hole of North Island. I revelled in the weekend, took the loses with a pinch of salt and enjoyed with icing sugar. It was almost perfect: the drive from Auckland to Hamilton, the music and importantly the stay.


AUT debating club somehow thought I was a good candidate for their debate team and I went along with their plan. One of these days my boneheaded stubbornness to say yes to every offer is not going to end well. I skipped an Iron Maiden concert because I can only afford either Hamilton or the concert. I was rather more excited for Hamilton. So me and 6 others from my university went to Hamilton for Trophy: North Island Debating Tournament. The Tournament in itself is not something I’ll remember though.

I’ll remember the place I stayed. Nostalgia took over as I saw it: eeriely familiar to all the NSS Camps I had organised back home in India, with the exception of having hot water. We ate whatever we wanted, slept hardly and partied more than our bodies could take. Then spent more time making jokes about things, just about anything. If there’s anything that we hardly did was take photos. But we enjoyed.


And then as I watched, in awe and intimidated by the outstanding orations of the teams in the finals, reality hit me. We were leaving back towards the same regular schedule. There’s nothing wrong with schedule. Nothing wrong with where I’m staying, or the university. But as time passes, there’s hardly any trips like Hamilton.

I am not one of those who gets up on Monday morning with regret that the weekend is over. This time I will though, cause I would rather be in the mindlessness that I enjoyed there for longer. I would rather stay there for more time, unlike my previous posts not for the people, but I would like to stay longer for place.

Hamilton, the hole in the North Island according to the kiwis, was nothing like that. It was no less than a summit in recent weeks in my life

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