Interviews again

I am looking for new job.

I have been working with the same people for more than four years & similar products. Up until last year (when I got my residency), my job was crucial to get visas so I didn’t bother looking for a new job. I didn’t think about where do I see my career going or what do I want to earn. I just kept working because it was hard to think of five years ahead when I was living visa to visa.

In the last six months, I have been feeling frustrated with work and I have issues with the organizational structure. So, in the last six months., I responded to LinkedIn recruiters who approach me and scheduled a few interviews.

When I was doing my Bachelor’s, people would ask me why did I not take Computer Science & become a developer. I would answer that I don’t want to keep learning new skills every year or so because there is always a new language or a framework I would have to learn.

Now, as a software developer, I know I have to keep adapting and learning to be able to stay relevant to the market (although I will remain important to my current company). It is only until I started interviewing that I realized how much do I need to learn.

At the time of writing this blog post, I have interviewed at five different companies and each time, it is my technical skills they have found lacking. It is annoying to be rejected for not being good enough even though I am literally doing a similar job. I know I am not a fantastic developer, but I know that I am competant at what I do.

I am at the point where I am considering whether I should pause looking for a job because I need to relearn and prepare myself better. I won’t do it because as much as my technical skills are not upto par, my interview skills are really rusty. To look back 4 years ago, I only had three interviews before I was able to squeeze my way into my current job.

Of the five companies that I interviewed for, there was only one company that I became excited by. They had office in CBD, training allocations as well as a defined pathway for anyone wanting to climb the corporate ladder or moving teams. I went into the technical interview defeated because I couldn’t complete the technical exercise they gave me. The company’s rejection hurts the most.

Additionally, at my current workplace I have expressed interest to switch teams and work on other projects about two to three months ago. The CTO agreed but nothing has transpired since. I don’t know why but I don’t intend to wait until the company is ready.

My only current plan is to learn from every interview I had and upskill. I have a couple of languages and frameworks I could learn in the long term but honestly, I don’t know what would make a difference in job-hunting. I just gotta try and hope I find something I would love.

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