I got a new job!

I got a new job!

I am ecstatic and proud of myself. This feels like a long journey but was barely five months. During the few interviews, I constantly doubted myself and after them I learnt new concepts.

It was a few weeks ago when I was offered a contract from a company ‘N’ in North Shore of Auckland. The offer was slightly higher than I expected & it was after 3 rounds of interview. ‘N’ as a company wasn’t an exciting prospect me because the products they were working with were too similar to what I currently work with. Additionally, the commute time to the company (after lockdown) was pretty long compared to my current standards.

At the same time, I had just finished my technical interview with another company ‘A’ that I was excited for. This interview was different. I went through the interview in a breeze, answering all questions they raised without any hiccups. After the interview, I was surprised at how confident I was.

‘A’ develops software for medical pagers & their mobile phone counterparts & I would love to use some of my Bachelor’s knowledge back to use. The next day ‘A’ offered me the role. ‘A’s offer was higher pay than ‘N’ & I knew that I had to take the offer from company ‘A’.

I bid adieu to the first offer, and prepared myself for the the dreaded conversation with my manager about references.

It felt weird talking with my manager, a person who I have known for almost 5 years, about me leaving. In the initial discussion, I made it clear that I am not giving my notice (at the time) and I am just asking for references so that I can get a formal offer letter from the company ‘A’ and after that I will decide what direction I would go for.

It wasn’t long before my current company counter offered. The counter offer was 45% higher than my current salary. It was higher than company ‘A’ had offered.

My company knew that I should have been paid more. They knew that I wasn’t really happy with my current job. I feel like if my current company should have preemptively offered me a higher salary sooner.

Regardless, the ‘A’ was willing to match the counter offer and I signed with them on 5th November. I start my new job on 3rd December.

I am really looking forward to working in a new company, learning new things. If there is one thing that I have re-iterated throughout the whole thing is this: I am young. I need to go out of my comfort zone so that I learn and grow and I am really hoping this new job will allow me to do that.

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