Picnics with friends

Because of relaxing restrictions in Auckland, I have been able to meet few friends in parks where we have a small, safely distanced picnics. It’s great meeting them, talking with them about stuff we have been doing and how we have been killing the paradoxically abundant & too little time at home.

However, as always, the conversations turn towards Coronavirus pandemic, and its million of variants and lockdowns. We find ourselves wondering the same few things: how long do we think the current lockdown will last, when do we think the next lockdown will be, how will the next year look like.

Will there be a return to normalcy?

Don’t get me wrong, these conversations are sandwiched by idle banter. There are lots of laugh, and at least from my end, gratitude that I can meet my friends. But I can’t help but feel like we are just distracting ourselves until we have conversations about the world, politics and the pandemic.

I am the pessimist in these discussions, as I already think there can’t be any way back to the way things were back in 2019. This pandemic is here to stay for a few years, making things harder for a lot of folks while making the rich even more richer.

As my friends & I speak about these things, none of us know whether we are right or wrong, each of us might as well be using Tarot cards to predict the future, because there is no way we can see what the next year will look like.

When I am back home, I realized that there are a lots of great things about being an adult, but the one thing that I absolutely miss about childhood is the fact that every single question that I could have, I will definitely find answers to those questions in the book I am studying.

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