On Finishing things

As the Christmas-End of Year holidays started, I noticed that I had a lot of stuff on-going or not started including writing work, programming projects, movie on my watch-list & games. I started the holidays with a plan: to finish as many things as I possibly can.

I have always enjoyed completing things. Yeah the journey makes the ending satisfying but there is just something about crossing off an item on my todo list that gives me happiness.

The first thing I tackled was the play that I began writing as part of my play-writing workshop. It took me a couple of days but finally I finished the first draft. It was a massive weight off my shoulders. It felt incredible to be able to finish a massive piece of writing. It also proved that I can actually finish drafts rather than just abandoning them halfway as I have done so many times prior.

I am not sure what would be the next thing I write. I am sure that I won’t try to write a second draft of my play just yet. In fact, I don’t know what I should do with a complete play just yet. But that is for later.

I watched a few movies that I have been meaning to watch for a long time. Of the movies I watched, Escape from Pretoria was the best one. The whole movie has razor thin character development or plot other than just one goal: escape & the movie follows through the characters plotting their escape. There are a few laughs and a lot of nerve wracking scenes. If you do get the chance, watch it.

I also managed to finish Arcane. I won’t talk about it yet because I plan on writing about it but rest assured it might have been one of the best animated TV shows I have ever watched.

And finally, I finished two massive games: Hitman & Watch Dogs 2. I wrote about Stardew Valley as it is one of my favourite games. I still have that game & regularly play it so it is a game that I will never stop playing. But, there is no endgame in Stardew Valley. I wanted to play games with a fixed story that I can finish.

There is nothing unique about any of the two games. But it was nice playing games which were slightly rigid in their structure, had clear objectives & difficulty levels & no multiplayer.

As the holidays finished I was thinking of what all do I want to accomplish over this year, personal leisure, hobbies & growth. Here is what I have come up with:


  • Salt & Sanctuary (On-going).
  • Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
  • Control (Maybe?)


  • Complete at least one new story idea.
  • One revision of a previous work. Or a complete re-do depending on how much I hate the first draft.


  • Complete 2 personal Android development projects
  • Learn iOS & Flutter thereby completing Mobile development field (mostly)
  • Learn Game Development on Unity or Unreal Engine.
  • Blender (maybe)


  • Visit my family in India.
  • Move to a house where I can have pets.

I make New Year’s Resolutions now.

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