Family Visit

I visited my family in the last week of Feb after not seeing them for 3 years. I was worried about my trip. I haven't travelled internationally in the last three years. I did not want to catch Covid during the trip or prior to it. The Covid arrival rules kept changing for India as … Continue reading Family Visit

Anniversaries 5

Continuing the annual tradition, here are this year's anniversaries. Checkout last year's post here. I have been living in New Zealand for 7 years. I have been blogging for 9 years. I have kept a biweekly post schedule on this blog for 4 years. I am now a NZ Permanent Resident for four months. My … Continue reading Anniversaries 5

The Expanse: TV Show vs The Book

Last year, I finished 'Leviathan Falls', the final book of 'Expanse' saga by James S.A Corey. I was introduced to the franchise by the TV adaptation which has completed sixth and possibly the last season. After finishing the book series, I felt there are few differences between the show and the books. Before I proceed, … Continue reading The Expanse: TV Show vs The Book

Script Reading Sessions

In late November & early December last year, Auckland Library & Call Your Friends organised script reading sessions in the city library. Every Sunday for three weeks, they read out a unpublished script; be it movie script or theatre; by hiring actors to sit to play the roles. I was able to attend two such … Continue reading Script Reading Sessions

2023 Goals & Hopes

I wrote about my 2022 resolutions last time. I was barely able to accomplish much but I wasn't disappointed, life happens and sometimes you accomplish everything; sometimes you don't. For 2023, I am going for new goals/hopes because I enjoyed comparing where I was a year ago to now. I measured a distance travelled, a … Continue reading 2023 Goals & Hopes

Permanent Residency

After 6 years, 5 different visas I am now a Permanent Resident of New Zealand. The process for residency was easy but outdated as I had to courier my application to the immigration. Regardless, now that I have got it, I feel happy and relaxed. I rejoice in the fact that I don't have to … Continue reading Permanent Residency

Book: Teixcalaan Duology by Arkady Martine

Arkady Martine's Teixcalaan Duology consists of 'A Memory Called Empire' & 'A Desolation Called Peace'. The books are described as a sci-fi space opera in which Mahit Dzmare, an ambassador from Lsel station, moves to intergalactic Teixcalaanli empire. The series follows Mahit from the moment she steps foot in the Teixcalaanli city/empire and introduces us … Continue reading Book: Teixcalaan Duology by Arkady Martine

Things I have learned in the last couple of months

I learned some minor things in the last couple of months, none of the things are big enough for their own post. So here is a listicle: Two weeks is the ideal time between jobs I started a new job last month. I was able to squeeze out two weeks off time between my last … Continue reading Things I have learned in the last couple of months

Book: She Who Became The Sun by Shelley Parker-Chan

I read a twitter thread a while ago about diverse fantasy/sci-fi books and I put them all on my reading list. She Who Became The Sun was also on the list and it took a while for the library to issue it. I knew very little about it but I am jubilated that I read … Continue reading Book: She Who Became The Sun by Shelley Parker-Chan

To Zari: Farewell and I will miss you

Trigger Warning: Death To Zareen or Zari as I got to know you, You were my first online friend. When I started blogging in 2014, one of my goals was to find a community of people who I can interact with and maybe even call them my friend. I don't remember how I found your … Continue reading To Zari: Farewell and I will miss you

Book: Jade Legacy (The Green Bone Saga #3) by Fonda Lee

Fonda Lee's Green Bone Saga is one of the best fantasy series I have read. The way I described it to my brother was 'Godfather' meets Hong Kong culture. However, the series and particularly the final book 'Jade Legacy' is what makes this series stand out from all other fantasy novels. Background: The Green Bone … Continue reading Book: Jade Legacy (The Green Bone Saga #3) by Fonda Lee

To Yuri, it’s been a year

Dear Yuri, It's been a year since you passed away. I still can't say that you have died because some dying sounds violent and painful while passing away doesn't sound like that. My biggest fear since last year is that I'll forget your voice. I had photos to remember your face but no videos or … Continue reading To Yuri, it’s been a year

Passage of Time

Recently, I have been thinking about time. I think about my parents and my brother, neither of whom I have met in two and a half years. I wonder about my college best friends Paree and Abhinandan, whom I met five to seven years ago. A lot of things have happened since. My brother is … Continue reading Passage of Time

TV: Severance (2022)

Note: this post contains spoilers for Severance. Please watch the show before reading this, as I will discuss the finale here. Severance is a 2022 Apple TV show created by Dan Erickson. It depicts a world which is almost familiar but slightly skewed. This world would definitely become reality if the relevant technology existed. Severance … Continue reading TV: Severance (2022)

Covid positive

After two years of dodging and being super cautious, I tested positive on Saturday. I started having symptoms Saturday morning so I am supposed to isolate until Friday, provided I stop having any symptoms. The first few days were absolutely terrible: I had headaches, fever, tiredness and I was pretty much bedridden. As I write … Continue reading Covid positive

Writing Discoveries

In the beginning of the year, I made a few goals: one of them being 'I will complete a story/novel'. After I finished writing the first draft of a play, I was confident and I wanted to tackle a new story idea without breaking my rhythm. I picked up an idea that I had come … Continue reading Writing Discoveries

TV: Chernobyl & Smoking

Chernobyl is a 2019 TV mini-series which is almost a documentary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. The show follows people of Ukraine (then USSR) and their sacrifice in this time of crisis, the people who unwillingly or willingly performed heroic duties. I don’t want to discuss what the people of Chernobyl and their characters did … Continue reading TV: Chernobyl & Smoking

Swimming Lessons

Since my trip to the ER a couple of months ago, I had to start exercising. Currently, I am working in Auckland CBD and CBD has probably the biggest public pools conveniently located near work. So, I decided to enroll into their adult beginner lessons. Swimming has always excited (and terrified me) and I figured … Continue reading Swimming Lessons

Blogging is getting harder

When I started blogging, I used to write when I felt like it. Or when a certain epiphany hits and I felt like the words were exploding inside me to come out. I do miss that feeling. Ever since I started my biweekly publishing schedule, I no longer have that luxury. In the last couple … Continue reading Blogging is getting harder

TV: Arcane (2021) – About Ekko

As I was writing about Arcane, I realised that I can’t really fit in everything that I loved about the show in one piece. Arcane is full of amazing, multilayered characters and I can’t do them all justice by craming everything in a single post. In this piece I want to talk about my favourite … Continue reading TV: Arcane (2021) – About Ekko

TV: Arcane (2021)

League of Legend’s Arcane (2021) is the only show I regret not watching on release. Usually, I prefer to watch shows after all the hype around them has died down. This way my enjoyment of the show is greater & I get to see other people’s opinions about what they liked, what small details they … Continue reading TV: Arcane (2021)

Anniversaries 4

Continuing the yearly tradition, here are this year's celebration anniversaries. Checkout last year's post here. I have been living in New Zealand for 6 years.I have been blogging for 8 years.I have kept a biweekly post schedule on this blog for 3 years.I have been a NZ Resident for 1 year & six months. My … Continue reading Anniversaries 4

Health, Diet & Inflation

Embarrassingly, I have always assumed that the abdominal pain which woke me up at 2-3am was just gas. Why would it not be? The pain was gone by morning and I resumed normal life. I knew my lifestyle wasn’t the most healthy but I figured that as long as I am not having takeout everyday … Continue reading Health, Diet & Inflation


Trigger Warning: Suicide In the last couple of months, I have been looking for closure. Yuri passed away in lockdown and I haven’t met any of our friends since. In this waiting, I have pictured closure with visiting his grave. I think I want closure to look like this because his grave would be a … Continue reading Closure

On Finishing things

As the Christmas-End of Year holidays started, I noticed that I had a lot of stuff on-going or not started including writing work, programming projects, movie on my watch-list & games. I started the holidays with a plan: to finish as many things as I possibly can. I have always enjoyed completing things. Yeah the … Continue reading On Finishing things

Second Surgery

In the first few weeks of lockdown, I was referred for another surgery. I had a pilonidal recurrence, something I was told was unlikely after the first surgery I had in January. I was still reeling from loss of a friend and it pushed me to consider counseling. I didn't want to have a second … Continue reading Second Surgery

Picnics with friends

Because of relaxing restrictions in Auckland, I have been able to meet few friends in parks where we have a small, safely distanced picnics. It's great meeting them, talking with them about stuff we have been doing and how we have been killing the paradoxically abundant & too little time at home. However, as always, … Continue reading Picnics with friends

I got a new job!

I got a new job! I am ecstatic and proud of myself. This feels like a long journey but was barely five months. During the few interviews, I constantly doubted myself and after them I learnt new concepts. It was a few weeks ago when I was offered a contract from a company 'N' in … Continue reading I got a new job!

I know triggers now

Trigger Warning: Suicide I was watching the second season of Ted Lasso when in one of the most emotional episodes, there is a mention of suicide. I gasped as the scene played out, I felt my heart beat louder. It took me a couple of seconds to calm down and I cried with the emotional … Continue reading I know triggers now

Fond Memories of a friend

I started seeing a therapist because I want to know how to handle my grief and guilt of Yuri's passing. Most days, I doing good and then someday I feel the grief wash over me again. One of the few suggestions from the therapist was instead of writing about my guilt, maybe spend some time … Continue reading Fond Memories of a friend

To Yuri, my best friend: I am sorry & I miss you

Trigger Warning: Suicide My best friend of 4+ years Yuri Reid took his own life on 17th August 2021. He was 25 years old. I wrote this letter to him as I grieved. Yuri, Marlowe & IUmang, Yuri, Marlowe & I: 2019Yuri & I : 2017Yuri & Marlowe Yuri, I am sorry buddy. I lost … Continue reading To Yuri, my best friend: I am sorry & I miss you

Post Play-writing workshop

Last Thursday was my final Play-writing workshop session. The session was held in-person at the Silo Theater head office in the city & was a welcome change to the regular Zoom sessions. The goal was to have a 10 page script table read by actors. There was no writing exercises or talk about writing concepts; … Continue reading Post Play-writing workshop

Play-writing workshop update

It has been a couple of weeks since I started attending play-writing workshop. Next Thursday will be the fifth & last session. The next session requires me to submit a 5 page script of my work. I am not looking forward to submitting it. My submission is going to be visible to everyone, not just … Continue reading Play-writing workshop update

TV Show: Ted Lasso (2020)

Ted Lasso is an Immigrant Story. I found myself remembering my first couple of days in NZ as I watched the first two-three episode of Ted Lasso. There are a lot of differences of course: Ted moved to a country with the same native language, a country whose people predominantly share his skin colour & he moved after he took a job.

(Reblog) The Right Side

Words from my older brother Navin about what his week looked like. : I suffered a stroke. The right side of my body lost all its movement. This includes not being to move my mouth, my face falling off with me trying to talk in front of my onlooking family. What should sound like ‘I … Continue reading (Reblog) The Right Side

My Writing Plans

At the end of last year, I made a resolution to produce more writing & improve my skills. I haven't followed through on my resolution because I don't feel motivated enough. I am plagued by doubts: what if my writing is not good enough? What if this blog is the best I could ever do … Continue reading My Writing Plans

Ben Howard makes me feel

Ben Howard is my favourite singer-songwriter. One whose songs leave me introspective & nostalgic. They start with a mesmerising guitar intro; enveloping his vocals as the lyrics are sung. His old albums Every Kingdom & I Forget What We Were featured songs I associate with morose & lonely places; and yet there is an ember … Continue reading Ben Howard makes me feel

Anniversaries III

For last year's post, check here Keeping up this tradition, this week : I have been living in New Zealand for 5 years.I have been blogging for 7 years.I have kept a biweekly post schedule on this blog for two years.I have been a NZ Resident for 6 months! (New) Aside from these milestones, I … Continue reading Anniversaries III

Movies: The Cat Returns (2002) Cat Returns (Japanese Trailer) Studio Ghibli has made multiple movies in which a young adult matures after being transported into a 'another' world. The young adult overcomes obstacles and finds answer to the question: who do I want to be/where do I belong?. 'Spirited Away' is one such movie. The Cat Returns (2002) is … Continue reading Movies: The Cat Returns (2002)

How I should write now

I have been running this blog for 6 years & change. At the onset of this blog, I published posts in rapid succession; followed by long periods of inactivity. In the last 2 years, I have adhered to a rhythm of posting biweekly on Thursday mornings. I have a list of ideas I write in … Continue reading How I should write now

Napier – Taupo DriveLapse

About a month ago, I went on a week long trip to Napier/Hastings - Taupo & back to Auckland. I decided to take a timelapse of my drives as I always loved looking at the roads when I drive. Here is the drivelapse from Napier to Taupo on the Thermal Explorer highway. Drivelapse Napier … Continue reading Napier – Taupo DriveLapse

Photography: Kinloch

Kinloch is my favourite place which is twenty minute drive from the heart of Taupo. I discovered this place 4 years ago & since then every time I pass Taupo I wanna come here. Taupo, on its own is majestic, but this beach town is secluded from the highway & the tourists. Kinloch beach & … Continue reading Photography: Kinloch

Programming: Blog Post Re-share Bot – part 2

For more information, look at my previous post. Again, this post will be heavily technical. In my last post, I had started work on my bot but I had issues. I wasn't sure if I wanted to use the bot to publish posts via Twitter or Reddit. I did not have a stable database or … Continue reading Programming: Blog Post Re-share Bot – part 2

Journey to Residency

FOR 20 months, my residency application was stuck in Immigration New Zealand's application queue. The system's glacial progress finally caught up with my application one month ago and a case officer started looking over my residency application. A week ago, I have been granted residency visa in New Zealand. I can't begin to tell you … Continue reading Journey to Residency

Fiction: Dragon & Princess

"SSHH.. It is not your fault." Sound of scales grating against the floor is heard in the empty hall. "They made you do this." The moonlight illuminated the hall just enough to see the body lying near the dais where an empty throne gathered dust. Tears sparkled against the moonlight on the boy's face as … Continue reading Fiction: Dragon & Princess

My Brother is engaged

ON 29th August, my older brother got engaged. Despite the Covid-19 restrictions in India, my family managed to make an occasion that they are rightfully joyous. Writing this post from the comfort of my home in New Zealand, I am conflicted between feelings of bliss for my brother, regret about not being there & apprehension … Continue reading My Brother is engaged

Game: Stardew Valley

I have written about pretty much aspect of my life and its passions: fictions, photography, programming & movies but I haven't written about how I spend most of my free time: playing games. To be honest, I never considered playing games an important part of my character. I would rage at losing while playing Rocket … Continue reading Game: Stardew Valley

Movies: Little Women (2019)

I have never read Louisa May Alcott's 1869 novel Little Women. The first time I heard of Little Women was on This American Life's episode #680. I did not know there had been 6 adaptations of the book but I knew of Greta Gerwig through her movie 'LadyBird'. It took a wonderful recommendation from FilmJoy … Continue reading Movies: Little Women (2019)

Programming: Blog post Re-Share Bot

Note: This post is a little bit technical and if I write any follow-ups to this, they will get more technical. I will try to make this as simple as I possibly. Also note: The Bot is not yet complete Paid version of WordPress offers the ability to install plugins. I am a free version … Continue reading Programming: Blog post Re-Share Bot

Fiction: #4 Eureka! (Reblog)

Something I wrote all the way back in 2014

It's Mayur Remember?

He had given up. Defeated, he leaned his head back in his bathtub.

His last completed screenplay was two years old. Two years. He had dry spells before but this was his driest yet. It was not as if he didn’t have ideas, they just weren’t good enough.

The ideas were nowhere close to his previous screenplays. His three previous screenplays were successful blockbusters, the last one earning him a national award. Fame came on the heels of the award as he became highly sought after.

As he laid in the tub, he realized he had peaked in his career. He would never make anything as good as what he did two years ago. Nothing was every going to good enough.

He tried things to get his brain working again. He got drunk, a little in the beginning and then a lot. He was almost hooked onto drugs until a…

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TV: Good Place Series Finale

It is difficult to sum up a multi season TV series. NBC’s The Good Place has the following (cheesy) synopsis on IMDB: Four people and their otherworldly frienemy struggle in the afterlife to define what it means to be good. - IMDB Here is my take: The Good Place was a brilliantly made show which tried … Continue reading TV: Good Place Series Finale

Movies: Parasite (2019)

In the last year, Bung Joon-ho's Parasite is a movie that I keep coming back to. Parasite might be the best economic class disparity movie I have ever seen. It is so tightly packed because of its absolute perfect direction and story that it is an absolute joy watching it and when the movie is … Continue reading Movies: Parasite (2019)

I wish someone had told me

People age. Everything grows old. I can see myself aging. I wish someone had told me how quickly everyone around me would age. I wish someone had told me before I moved to Auckland when I come back, I would notice the wrinkles more. Everyone who I looked up to while growing up has aged … Continue reading I wish someone had told me

House Chronicles

The following are a sequence of events which may or may not conclude by the time this post is published ( 30th January 2020 ). August or September 2019: My flatmate E tells me she wants to move September - November 2019: I stress myself thinking about having to move. Later E suggests that we … Continue reading House Chronicles

Lack of Motivation

I have written about the new things I am learning. Now, as time goes on I am finding myself struggling to keep myself motivated with those things. I am easy to distract, most things don't hold my attention. My slump has impacted me the most at work. For about 2 to 3 months, I have … Continue reading Lack of Motivation

Movies: Toy Story 4 (2019)

Credits: flickeringmyth Each Toy Story movies is unique as each presents a metaphor for different age milestone. First Toy Story dealt with teens/early twenties or college years. Toy Story 2 dealt with Woody undergoing a midlife crisis and questioning his life's purpose. Toy Story 3 dealt with the idea of retirement and the prospect of … Continue reading Movies: Toy Story 4 (2019)

Thoughts on a book: The Friend by Sigrid Nunez (2018)

Grief is a hard thing to describe and write about. It is, I think, comparatively easy to write about when grief is thick like morning fog or when it leaves a strong taste in the mouth. It, when coupled with depression, gets harder to describe as most often when there is no feeling. It is … Continue reading Thoughts on a book: The Friend by Sigrid Nunez (2018)

Fiction: Against the Caped Crusader

(A man and a woman are sitting in front of each other on a stage as the audience looks on and a couple of cameras pan across the stage. A massive sign behind the two people on stage says: 30Mins. The show goes on air and the audience starts applauding, the camera zooms in on … Continue reading Fiction: Against the Caped Crusader

Not Welcome

I have lived in Auckland for the last three and a half years. I love this city, and by extension this country. I have explored the city: found new places, food cuisines and occasionally new people. However, in the last year, Immigration New Zealand announced a flurry of changes which on paper looks like an … Continue reading Not Welcome

First Blog/Ephemeral Feelings

I needed to post something this week, but I didn’t have anything ready. So I decided to Reblog something that I wrote years ago.

It's Mayur Remember?

My first blog.

Mind any who is reading i have never wrote any thing like a blog before.
I just read a blog by a blogger Ephemeral Optimism before I wrote mine. Though his blog was very interesting about opinions, I couldn’t help but relate to his username.

A few days ago I was just ecstatic. I was practically dancing anywhere, hugging random people. All because I scored great grades in my exams(yes I am a nerd).

Now I am back to being normal. And mind you I am not saying normal is bad, but by comparison it is really sad. So much hard work, so much time and sweat and I become elated for a few hours only?

That is the thing which intrigues me. And I could probably imagine things further down the line in my life. Why are good or great things so ephemeral?

And being normal…

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The Waiting Game

When I applied for New Zealand residency visa in December, I had a plan. Apply : December 2018Wait the estimated time of processing: 6 months, i.e until June-July 2019. It will possibly get delayed, let's say by half the estimated time so 3 months of buffer time, i.e September 2019. Usually, for visas I am … Continue reading The Waiting Game

Dogs v Cats: Who pets it better?

Eight months ago, I moved houses to rent with a friend. My flatmate, E, happens to be cat sitting two sibling cats: Osiris and Odin. Come November, the two cats will move back in with their owner. I consider myself lucky: I have lived with cats in Auckland and a dog in Mumbai. This made … Continue reading Dogs v Cats: Who pets it better?

Harry Potter books and the mirror they hold

Image Credits: Scholastic Art is political. Ergo, books are also political. I have seen a lot of argument online about how authors shouldn't try to shove in their own political opinions into books. I don't think that is possible, as writing bares one's soul onto paper. An author is bound to throw in their political … Continue reading Harry Potter books and the mirror they hold

Photos: Karangahake Gorge

A couple of weeks ago I went to Karangahake Gorge, two hours west of Auckland. These are some of my favorite images from the day. The Gorge at midway point It was a beautiful day, bright sunny skies and lush green mountains. However, after editing, I liked the photos best when they were monochrome. My … Continue reading Photos: Karangahake Gorge

Fiction: I am going to Hell

First time I woke up after the surgery, my vision was blurry. I could still hear raging fire around me, but I didn’t feel any heat. I didn’t think too much about it.  The second time I woke up, I felt better. I looked around my bed to look for burned objects, but everything was … Continue reading Fiction: I am going to Hell

Macro Photography

Recently, I brought a bunch of mobile camera lenses. One of those lens was a macro lens, which allowed me to take photographs of objects 1-2 cm away from my phone. Here are some of the good ones results. A RoseAnts for sizeWhite roseSize view I also created an account on EyeEm, an social media/marketplace … Continue reading Macro Photography

Bring Down Heaven trilogy by Sam Sykes

This is not a book review. Sam Sykes's Bring Down Heaven deals heavily with the questions about faith, Gods who never answer and humanity’s need to have a being up in the sky. It also features heaps of exciting battles sequences and the city which despite being destroyed to the fullest always seem to have someone selling curry

Hamilton: Zuru Glow

Two months ago, I had my first solo driving trip. I had just acquired a new license and I wanted to celebrate. I drove to Hamilton for Balloons over Waikato’s Zuru Glow night . In hindsight, it is amusing that I drove to the same city I went three years ago when I had just … Continue reading Hamilton: Zuru Glow

Short Story: New Career

‘This worked at home’ I looked inside the hat puzzled, ignoring my audience of impatient 8 year olds. There was supposed to be a deck full of Queen of Hearts in there. But, it was empty. I cocked my head sideways, frowning. How did this not work? I had enchanted the hat with all of … Continue reading Short Story: New Career

Blade Runner 2049 ( 2018 )

Also, after watching the original Blade Runner and then consequently watching this one, I am only going to talk about Blade Runner 2049. Also, this is not a review. I watched this movie partially when I was India but I couldn't immerse myself in it. The second time I watched it, I was able to. … Continue reading Blade Runner 2049 ( 2018 )

Shades of Loneliness

The library is a magical place. From time to time, I find truly remarkable books. Recently, I read Jessie Greengrass's An Account of the Decline of the Great Auk, According to One Who Saw It. I picked it as it was the only short stories collection I could find. I am glad I did. This … Continue reading Shades of Loneliness

Photo Post: Foggy Morning

Last weekend, I was walking through Ponsonby, Auckland to meet a group of hikers. This morning was special, it was particularly foggy. I could hardly see more than a few meters in front of me even though the sun had risen half hour ago. I took this photo after sunrise around 8:30 am. Sunlight imbued … Continue reading Photo Post: Foggy Morning

I am learning to drive… finally

People are always shocked when I tell them that I don't know how to drive. It is almost unimaginable for people to live in Auckland and not drive everywhere. There are a lot of cars in this city. I have to explain it to them that I don't need it right now as I work … Continue reading I am learning to drive… finally

Conversation Starters: ‘How’s it going?’

I don't like that question. I hate asking or being asked the question, "How's it going?" It is a terrible conversation starter. I get it, meeting and talking to new people is pretty hard. Talking with acquaintances is even harder. So, it wouldn't be a surprise that it is pretty common conversation starter.  Almost everyone … Continue reading Conversation Starters: ‘How’s it going?’

What is my blog about now?

I completely overlooked the fact that my blog is 4 years old. I should have made a big deal of it considering how quickly my passions oscillate. I am astonished that I haven't let my blog die. For the past 4 years, I kept writing without any theme in mind. I wrote about my life, … Continue reading What is my blog about now?

With English Language

This post has been long overdue. I first thought about writing it when I was sitting in a bar with some of my friends. Half of us are non-native English speakers. I asked them, 'which language do you think in?' I wish the answers they gave me were revealing. They weren't, all of them thought … Continue reading With English Language

Taking photos is fun now

I have always enjoyed taking photos and a while back seriously considered buying a DSLR or a mirrorless camera. The only problem with such a purchase is the camera isn't as compact as I wanted it to be. I ended up buying the new OnePlus 5T. I am not going to review the phone, it … Continue reading Taking photos is fun now

Photo Challenge: Smile

I had to point my camera at something or someone that puts a smile on our face. Well, Zoey does that. She usually finds me when I am coming, she runs towards me: her feet clapping on the sidewalk and stops a meter away so that I have to get close to her to pet … Continue reading Photo Challenge: Smile

Tongariro Alpine Crossing

A year ago, when I had just met a new hiking group, I heard about Tongariro Alpine Crossing. I met people who were going to attempt the crossing with the group and I wanted to join her. I love hiking/walking and it would have been a great opportunity. But I didn't. For the last year, … Continue reading Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Midsummer Night’s Dream by Pop-Up Globe

Last week ( another long overdue post ), I had the pleasure of watching Pop-Up Globe's iteration of Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream. Having never watched any Shakespeare's plays, I was in for a treat. Featuring an all male cast, the play revolves around the events of a marriage, couple of fairies and two couples. Because … Continue reading Midsummer Night’s Dream by Pop-Up Globe

Photo Challenge: Silence, Duder Regional Park

I was out on a hike at Duder Regional Park, East Auckland. The place was great for oceanic/peninsular pictures. Here is one of them.   I walked with 60 people who were behind me. This peninsula is one of the Pā (a fortified site) in the region. As we sat for lunch, most people sat … Continue reading Photo Challenge: Silence, Duder Regional Park

Birthday Blues

My birthday was in November. Yes, this post is extremely late. When I was a child, I had the habit of counting the number of days to my birthday. I would literally start the day following my birthday and count the number of days till my next. I loved it. I received presents. Mom would … Continue reading Birthday Blues

2017 in Review

I expect things to always get worse. I have always greeted new year's with trepidation because I expect life to get harder. 2017 was a year where I always expected the other foot to fall. But now as I look back on the year, surprisingly it was relaxing. Sure, now that I recall, first quarter … Continue reading 2017 in Review

I host a meetup now

Well I co-host  the meetup but that's perfectly fine. I was just an attendee of the meetup till about 3 weeks ago. One time, the regular hosts couldn't make it and they asked everyone if someone would like to host it, I said sure why not? I mean how hard can it be? Next thing … Continue reading I host a meetup now

NaNoWriMo: Halfway Update

This is not my first NaNoWriMo. It is my third attempt, and the only time I succeeded in finishing my story was the very first year. I liked the story at the time, but if I read my words now I realize little in terms of a story. Last year I had no idea what … Continue reading NaNoWriMo: Halfway Update

I don’t wanna travel the world

Living in New Zealand, I have had the privilege of meeting a lot of people from different countries. The biggest advantage of meeting people is that most of them are/were traveling the world. The disadvantage of meeting people is that most of them are/were travelers. I remember a Belgian guy from the first group of … Continue reading I don’t wanna travel the world

Ramble On Book Launch

This last Sunday was Z.R.Southcombe’s “Ramble On” book launch and I was a part of it. I read an excerpt of my piece. I loved the entire event, it was simple and full of lovely people. Before arriving at the venue, I had to decide what part of my piece I was going to read. … Continue reading Ramble On Book Launch

House Concert

There is a bar near my house, Flight 605. I go there occassionally because they have host music gigs on Sunday. I have watched ( & heard? ) great Folk music there. Every single artisit had something unique in their gigs, Barrow Brass Band had songs 20min long, Sophie Mashlan played great guitar, Phil Edwards … Continue reading House Concert

Maybe I shouldn’t have complained

I lodged my first (minor) complain yesterday evening & I feel conflicted about it. I was on my bike as I was heading down Sandringham road. As far as I know, I didn't do anything illegal or stupid. I had a bag high-visibility cover on, I was riding in the bus lane (I am allowed … Continue reading Maybe I shouldn’t have complained

GovHack 2017: My First Hackathon

We had approximately 48 hours to use open data and create a hack (web app/ mobile app). This was never going to be easy considering: I don't know data science I didn't have a team when I registered Luckily, I knew the language I was going to work on: Javascript. In addition, I sporadically dabble … Continue reading GovHack 2017: My First Hackathon

How hard can it be? (New Plymouth-Paritutu Rock Edition)

(My weekend was not hard except this bit. Considering how much fun I had writing last week's post, I wanted to continue this. I might write an entire post about my New Plymouth trip later) 'Is it hard?' someone in the van asked. A guy, let's call him C had done it before with his … Continue reading How hard can it be? (New Plymouth-Paritutu Rock Edition)