NaNoWriMo Winner!

I heard about this contest a year ago while reading someone's blog. Then it seemed a gigantic task: complete 50,000 words of your manuscript/novel in 30 days. This year when Alisha asked me about this, I jumped at the opportunity. Obviously, I have written about this previously too: My writing goal is to get published. … Continue reading NaNoWriMo Winner!

My First Job

First Job

It lasted for four days. Yes four days. (I have previously written on my struggles to land a job.) How did I get placed there? I had little hopes of getting a good job. I had a specific criteria & I was not willing to enter any written agreement mandating me to work for the … Continue reading My First Job

First Blog/Ephemeral Feelings

My first blog. Mind any who is reading i have never wrote any thing like a blog before. I just read a blog by a blogger Ephemeral Optimism before I wrote mine. Though his blog was very interesting about opinions, I couldn't help but relate to his username. A few days ago I was just … Continue reading First Blog/Ephemeral Feelings