#100DaysofCode challenge: These guys made my week!

I have enjoyed coding a lot since coming to Auckland. I had a lot of time in my hands, ample resources to learn and now I am always keen on coding. I just don’t know what to code: I don’t have any project in mind.

One day, reading an article on Design.blog I stumbled on CodeNewbies.org: a website which caters towards beginner coders. They have something which I instantly signed up for.

If you have followed my blog then you would know I have completed NaNoWriMo 2015. 30 days of daily writing needs serious commitment. CodeNewbies challenged beginners to code daily for 100 days.

I was signed on half hour later. Today I am on day 14th. Everyday I try to code an hour and so far I have missed two days. I have made my portfolio (which needs some actual projects) and a tribute page (both of them have terrible content) so far and there are heaps of projects in it. After coding, I have to log my progress and also tweet about it using the hashtag: #100DaysofCode.

Last week, on Wednesday I got a call from a company nearby to schedule an interview. It was an unexpected call and at that time I was almost through my list of companies in the country. My calls had turned up nothing concrete other than some advice but no leads on getting any jobs.

Then I got a call. He asked if I can join him for an interview next day and I said yes while jumping up and down.

I changed my coding practice and then I tweeted this:



I slept that night without waiting for any reply. Granted, I was literally asking for the replies but the response I got made me smile ear to ear next morning. These are the replies:














Lastly, thank you CodeNewbies, FreeCodeCamp and #100DaysofCode community.


PS: I got selected for the internship from the interview and I start tomorrow.

Thank You: We ought to say it more

Because we do not say thank you to anyone any more.

Not to family or friends, the prospect of saying thank you to people who owe us nothing is a far fetched dream. A irony of this lack of expression is social media though.

Say Thank You to the people, like the conductor who punched your ticket on the public transport, or the guy who held the elevator for you. Or for that matter who kept the door open when you walked in with your hands full. Their deeds are not extraordinary, but necessary nonetheless.

Thank You is a simple thing to say, common words in every language.  If used apropos, they can explicit the gratitude.

I am trying to be genuine in my expression. It is difficult because everyone is a skeptic, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

A while ago, I met a girl who said Thanks to everyone. The ticket conductor, the rickshaw driver, the person who served our meals. Intrigued and awestruck I asked her why. Her answer was a shrug, a habit I guessed was ingrained in her demeanour.

I unwittingly adopted her habit. Soon I said thank you to the elevator man, the lunch boy, canteen boy, watchman, neighbour. Yeah, pretty much everybody.

It feels good, when you say Thank you to the conductor who just gave you change when commuting. It feels better when you say thanks for doing his job. Same goes for grocery shopping, say thank you and the stall owner and he is bound to greet you back with his hands raised and posed in a Namaste or a Salaam.

Seriously, try it.

A month ago, I took a bus home. Unfortunately, I had a 500 rupee note, 16 rupee change and the ticket was a mere 26 rupee in comparison. The conductor had no change to give me. He did not want to risk taking the note from me either, he explained that recently there is a plethora of fake currency. 

He respectfully (that is a miracle in itself) asked me to get down at the next stop and take the next bus.

Distressed, I fumed about what to do because I did not want to wait for the next bus. It was already a long day at the office. The guy who sat in front of me overheard our conversation and offered to pay the remainder. That was bigger miracle.

In a small conversation he gave me a huge lesson in humility; he told me he was stuck with some money issue in the bus. Someone helped him out too then. Now he helped me out and asked me to help out another such stuck commuter if I could.

I promised that I will, thanking him more than once. I also made a promise to buy his ticket the next time we meet. Unfortunately, I no longer remember his name, face. He is now another random face in the crowd for me.

I still have not helped any other commuter in a similar fashion, but I help in any way possible.

There is more than one instance when the thank you is not acknowledged.

I get it, the listener may not have heard me. Maybe they were having a bad day. Its cool, its all cool.

Like I said, I enjoy saying the words. It is ingrained in me by my own deeds,  a habit that I do not want to obviate.

The heart of the issue is most of the people do not say thank you. They act as they do not even care. I do not help people for their thank you, and at the risk of sounding a hypocrite, that nonchalance is offending.

I feel like staring at the people for whom I just kept the elevator waiting (this happens a lot of time in my office) to coerce them into saying thank you.

Like the girl however, I just shrug it off.

The irony of this situation is social media. For me saying thank you is not manners but I am assuming that they are manners for every other socialite.

On Facebook, Twitter and everywhere else, manners are rigorously followed. Every comment gets a thank you.

But in real life, thank you is lost, meaningless and taken for granted.

It says something about us, my generation. We consider the same words as a sign of weakness.

Suddenly, due to pop culture idolizing the stolid, arrogant protagonists and other ignorant heretics, saying and acknowledging other people’s kindness depicts a weak individual.

Seriously, WTF!

In stark contrast, help out an old person and wait till you hear him say Thank You Beta (son). There is the zenith of humility and graciousness. The qualities one should be chasing and not money.

I remember speaking to a good friend once and she told me about her classmates. One thing we both agreed on is the lack of humility everywhere. Everyone is a braggadocio. Everyone wants to prove their superiority. No one wants to help though, no one can say thank you and sorry anymore.

We debate about intolerance and feminism. We have not yet learned the basic, easy humane values. Then we wonder what is wrong with the world.

One Year Old

(Source Inspiration:
The Internet: IT’S MADE OF PEOPLE by King of States &Fleeting by End Kwote)

I must have forgotten how to write by now.

I admit this because I am not a regular blogger. And more often than not, I am shitty blogger. My blog is getting updated after almost two weeks and one of the primary reasons to do is this: my blog is turning a year old. This is not the perfect time to write a ceremonious post about my blog, mostly because I am not blissful as I should be.

I watched a great movie(Whiplash) with a great person, I am heading to Goa in a couple of days to have fun, what I really feel, that is unknown to me.

I am Blind, the thing which haunts my dreams and taunts my consciousness. And this, this small feeling is the reason because of which writing is hard. Because it leaves me numb. And writing without feelings is hard. That’s why I am a shitty writer.

So for those of you, the ones who have appreciated me and gave me great feedback’s on my post for the last year, thank you! Sincerely, heartfelt gratitude. And this is why I love WordPress more than any other social networking site anywhere else. Here, most of the people I have met are in fact real people. They are kind and compassionate. Human, in every sense of the word, spread across the very globe. And they are amazing.


It takes colossal courage to admit their weaknesses, to write what’s on their minds and leave it out there for the world to see. And it takes something that people these days say is bad: Honesty. For those who I follow, those who’s posts I have read and cried in their sorrows, basked in their joys and grown as they grew: Thank you!

I gave them hugs, condolences, had virtual drinks with them and sometimes gave them my silence.I Because they drove me speechless. Some called me sweet(Raju Hirani), kind and awesome. Things I would never hear from places other than my blog. And lastly, after a year of about 100 post, about 40 of those being fictional, I see my past in a different way.

I always thought reminiscences are ephemeral and they don’t last. But as I read about my past, I realize it is not so. Our brains can’t remember everything, and in the last year almost every important thing and every not so important event has been penned in my blog. And guess what: it is not tiny.

Its huge, every experience as vivid and full of emotional memories, each a manifestation of my life. My past no longer is small, it is full of life. And I love it. Every part of it, from the angry rants to the times where I was sad, to when I was ecstatic.

I agree the guy King of States: internet is not just fake people, its full of real people. And I am one of them. Proud to be one of them. Real people who are suffering, enjoying, helping, laughing and most importantly: LIVING!

Thank You for following me!

Thanks For Reading

Its Mayur remember

A Little Over A Century

Some days are good, some days aren’t.

But some days you achieve a milestone 101 followers!!


Thank you all who have followed me, liked what I blogged about and supported me since I started blogging in March.


Thanks For Reading

My one year

Thank you NSS-TSEC

A year and a half ago, I attended my first NSS camp. And I had a blast. Absolute blast.

And at that time I had made up my mind about applying for the committee in the upcoming year/tenure. And I applied for it a year ago. And was selected too.

And this year in college! It is probably the best in my college life so far. I did everything. Well almost everything.

Treks, camp, blood donation drive, street play, etc. I can go on and on. I was there for all of them. I did all of them. I enjoyed all of them.

A year of sweats and hard work, yet also a year of unrestrained joy and fun. And just two days my committee sat down to select our successors.

And while I conducted interviews I understood why I was selected. What did they see in me a year ago.

And this post is to tell you about what I learned in the last year:

1. Anything can happen- 
I mean it when I say anything can happen. And this is not to tell you that only good things can happen. Imagine the worst scenario and guess what it can happen. And seeing our luck, it will happen. So honestly how to plan ahead for something unpredictable? Well you can’t. Simply because if you can predict it so it isn’t unpredictable anymore. And there it comes down to how your instincts. Honestly my instincts weren’t super, but now actually sort of trained. No matter how useless my instincts were at least now they will kick in at times of need.

2. Confidence is the key-
A year ago I did have confidence. Not a lot and I could still fake confidence. And whatever confidence I had was baseless, untested. And my confidence was shattered too many times.  But after all I have done I do have confidence. Not baseless, not untested, Not fragile. Hell I can be sure that it is NSS which gave me enough for me to start blogging. Start being open about myself on the internet.

3. I have anger issues-
Typical case of shattering of confidence. I used to be confident that I could control my anger. Now I know better. My anger which on most occasions is swallowed and stored is a toxin. And when it does get out I hurt people. People that I care about, people that I respect and adore. So here I am trying to find a way to vent out my anger. I try talking to the person who made me angry(which I never did before).  

4. I suck at communication-
Like I just said, I tried talking. And I suck at it. But now I know better than to just raise my hands up in surrender and accept it. I know there is a lot of scope for improvement. I also know what people think about me. When my friends really did get a chance to know me then they liked me. It took its own time, but it did happen. And to those who are still bickering behind my back, either I’ll win you over or I’ll make sure that you never dare do it again.

5.   Me-
I am a little childish and when I tease people I enjoy it. Kind of having a sadistic self who enjoys seeing other’s misery. And yet I am also too mature for my age. I grew up to quick.  And this year showed me to balance that. Here I am sure that over a year I have developed a lot, and also sure that there is lots to be done. And I no longer have any doubts to my abilities. I know what I can do, what I’ll be able to do if I push myself. Like I said my confidence isn’t baseless anymore.

And the entire credit goes to NSS. Without that opportunity I wouldn’t have been able to list out even 1 small point. Without NSS I would have stayed the same self. The same self doubting, shy and scared person.

So thank you!
P.S I still couldn’t put it into proper words about how I benefitted from this one year.