Internship Monologues

PS: I got an internship recently, and this is how I feel everyday. Credits: The Mighty What are you doing? I am trying to understand this code. You have to admit it is way beyond your comprehension. No I got this. You will screw up. They will know you are a fraud. Shut up! You … Continue reading Internship Monologues


Verge Of Ending

For the past couple of days I was feeling this way. But I couldn't put a finger on what exactly I was feeling. Thanks to Louise's blog post I understood it properly. I am approaching the end of my internship. Four weeks are almost done, few days left. And although I learned a lot this … Continue reading Verge Of Ending

Internship day one

1. How not to get an internship: Never trust your teacher when he says that he'll call the company on your behalf and try to get you an internship there. He is not going to call, and you will keep circling around him for two weeks or so before you give up. Second no matter … Continue reading Internship day one