Interviews again

I am looking for new job. I have been working with the same people for more than four years & similar products. Up until last year (when I got my residency), my job was crucial to get visas so I didn't bother looking for a new job. I didn't think about where do I see … Continue reading Interviews again

Play-writing Classes

A month ago, I attended a screening of a play in a local theater & I loved it. Afterwards, I told my friend I would love to write a play one day. The next day I saw post from the theater about play-writing workshop & I immediately applied. I am ecstatic to say that I … Continue reading Play-writing Classes


  I was assessing year 4 math papers yesterday. As part of my new job as a assistant tutor, this is one of the responsibilities. As I assessed their papers, I recalled my school years when I used to do the same things that these kids are doing. My frustration at the concept of complex … Continue reading Perfection