One Year Old

(Source Inspiration:
The Internet: IT’S MADE OF PEOPLE by King of States &Fleeting by End Kwote)

I must have forgotten how to write by now.

I admit this because I am not a regular blogger. And more often than not, I am shitty blogger. My blog is getting updated after almost two weeks and one of the primary reasons to do is this: my blog is turning a year old. This is not the perfect time to write a ceremonious post about my blog, mostly because I am not blissful as I should be.

I watched a great movie(Whiplash) with a great person, I am heading to Goa in a couple of days to have fun, what I really feel, that is unknown to me.

I am Blind, the thing which haunts my dreams and taunts my consciousness. And this, this small feeling is the reason because of which writing is hard. Because it leaves me numb. And writing without feelings is hard. That’s why I am a shitty writer.

So for those of you, the ones who have appreciated me and gave me great feedback’s on my post for the last year, thank you! Sincerely, heartfelt gratitude. And this is why I love WordPress more than any other social networking site anywhere else. Here, most of the people I have met are in fact real people. They are kind and compassionate. Human, in every sense of the word, spread across the very globe. And they are amazing.


It takes colossal courage to admit their weaknesses, to write what’s on their minds and leave it out there for the world to see. And it takes something that people these days say is bad: Honesty. For those who I follow, those who’s posts I have read and cried in their sorrows, basked in their joys and grown as they grew: Thank you!

I gave them hugs, condolences, had virtual drinks with them and sometimes gave them my silence.I Because they drove me speechless. Some called me sweet(Raju Hirani), kind and awesome. Things I would never hear from places other than my blog. And lastly, after a year of about 100 post, about 40 of those being fictional, I see my past in a different way.

I always thought reminiscences are ephemeral and they don’t last. But as I read about my past, I realize it is not so. Our brains can’t remember everything, and in the last year almost every important thing and every not so important event has been penned in my blog. And guess what: it is not tiny.

Its huge, every experience as vivid and full of emotional memories, each a manifestation of my life. My past no longer is small, it is full of life. And I love it. Every part of it, from the angry rants to the times where I was sad, to when I was ecstatic.

I agree the guy King of States: internet is not just fake people, its full of real people. And I am one of them. Proud to be one of them. Real people who are suffering, enjoying, helping, laughing and most importantly: LIVING!

Thank You for following me!

Thanks For Reading

Its Mayur remember