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I figured out time at the end of 2016

Or at least I think so. One of the good things in 2016.

I reached the realization a while ago but only recently while reading one of the Discover posts, I was able to put my thoughts into words. As soon as I hit ‘Post Comment’ I knew I had an explanation to my obsession to time (close second to death).

I measure time by the clarity of the memories I make.

If I am able to recall a memory then it has happened recently. I am sure I am not the only one. It might be the reason when reminiscing everyone say ‘It seems like yesterday’.

There are no memories created yesterday, only ones that exist are from far back in time.


Currently, after graduation I am a job seeker (not jobless: I have to remind myself that). I have surplus time in my hands, full 24 hours to be exact. I am surprised by my inability to sleep more than 8 hours these days. Ironically, I am certain that when I have work I will sleep more than my quota.

GIMP Edited

The two versions of the photos

The abundant time I have I try to spend it wisely: by learning new skills. I finally learned how to use GIMP (an Open Source Photoshop alternative). It is pretty good. I click photos from my mobile and sometimes I am surprised with the quality of images my phone produces. Another thing I am learning (or revising) is programming.

If I may explain time in programming terms then:

  1. You have a great day. Your brain auto-saves that memory inside a database (one of the grooves of your cerebrum)
  2. When you have a normal day, your brain deletes the memories to the recycle bin. You can restore some fragments of the day but not everything. It is similar to the cache your browser saves.
  3. When you sit and reminiscence, you recall the auto-saved memory and not the memories in the recycle bin.
  4. Most of the days go to the recycle bin; they are fraught with meaningless junk which holds no emotional value.
  5. When recalling memories, the cerebrum references the current mood with memories and recall the first ones matched.

The same thing happens with programming and database. The program I was wrote returned only the first matched data unless specifically told to return everything. I don’t know how to tell my brain to return all matched memories, it returns those ones which are matched first.


I heard a couple of people speaking about their year in review (not Facebook year in review). I am sure that most people will start writing their posts like me about their year. I don’t want to go back on my year, it had its ups and downs. I do recall two distinct things precisely.

Firstly, I can recall the feeling while writing my last year’s New Year’s post. I just knew that my 2016 was going to be harder. It was (or so my database tells me). I can’t compare it with any other year because when in my 23 years of life have I lived in a new country without the ones I can physically rely on.

Secondly, I can recall my 31st night. I had lied (sort of) to my boss and sneaked to a camp. I was amongst friends that night when the clock hit 00:00. I can’t recall the 31st the year before that or any other 31st before that except the ones when I was very small.

My mom would make a special kind of rice which had three or four colors: red from beetroot, yellow from turmeric & white. I don’t remember any more colors. I remember lots of chips and some bottles of soft drinks and my dad watching one of the thousand New Year specials. I don’t know what my brother did but I am sure he was there somewhere.

The memory is hazy. It was a long time ago.

My last year’s 31st is not hazy, like it was yesterday.


I don’t know what the new year will hold for me. I am afraid of saying it will get harder as I (stupidly) think that’s what happened with my 2016. I am aware I was privileged with what happened in my year, the global year can be called horrendous. No one wants to live this year again and we are all eager to brush off the year under the year as if it never happened. (There are so many meme’s of the sort).

What will 2017 hold for me? For us?

I can’t speak for others. I don’t want to say I want to make a memories, my wants have nothing to do with what gets saved in my database. Basically, I don’t know what I want from 2017.

I will just see what life throws at me and I will keep putting one foot in front of another. Somewhere I will create some moments which will forever seem like yesterday.

PS: Happy New Year Folks!

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Liberty Lion: Time

‘Circles? ’ I asked.

Grandpa lay gasping for breath. He is a stubborn old man; he wouldn’t admit he is too frail for a hike. We left our house about two hours ago to reach the summit of the hill. He would always verbosely describe his childhood achievements and all of the stories would have him and the hill in common. So today I challenged him to climb the hill again. Grandma was furious at me to voice even such a dare, but grandpa did it. And whenever he was winded, he would tell the best tales. He began.

‘You would want me to spin a story about my childhood or some other person’s life changing story? ’

I nodded. Old but still sharp my grandpa, I thought proudly.

‘Truth is this Gunther: all the tales are similar.’ he looked around the hill again, at the tree who’s shade we sat on and the valley where our house and farms lay, at the lake where we would go swim and fish.

‘My grandfather also brought me to hikes. He loved them. Then we stayed in a different place but when I bought this house I had one requirement: a nearby hill’. He nodded and took a deep breath as if he tried to soak in the nature. I wasn’t following his harangue but I was rapt. My grandpa told tales that brought the entire village to a standstill, there’s something about his words that bonds you to them, to him.

‘Just like my grandpa I am doing the same with you. And if there’s anything I can tell about life is that it is a circle. ’

‘Circle of Life? ’ I asked. He seemed pleased with my answer and smiled. He raised his hand and ruffles my hair. I hated whenever someone else did it but I liked it when he did that. ‘So life repeats itself? ’ I asked again dubious of my own comprehension. He thought about it for a while ‘Most of the times.’ he knew I didn’t understand completely so he let loose a sigh and started again.

‘Read history son, it is recurring. Some tyrant rises, some heroes die, so on and so forth. Take people son, they always make the same mistake again. Life is cruel because it does the same trick on you all the time and you fall for it. ’ Now I understood his point. I was only 9 year old then but the implications of the same wouldn’t dawn on me until I was 25 and broke. But I had one more question for him. ‘And time grandpa? ’ He smiled again, I remember a hint of sadness was there ‘Of course time is a round too. Why do you think clocks are circular?’

By Mayur Remember


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I Have Got It!

Daily Prompt:

(Pick Your Gadget

Your local electronics store has just started selling time machines, anywhere doors, and invisibility helmets. You can only afford one. Which of these do you buy, and why?

(Thanks, atana’s world!, for inspiring this prompt!))


The mad scientist stumbled around the shop in haste, screaming at the top of his lungs “I have got it! I have got it!”

Clarice sighed. It has been this way for days. He running around and exclaiming his joy.

The stores sale had dropped drastically. Nobody buys from a store anymore. Online shopping sucks.

They have to come up with something that no website sells. Or at rates nobody offers. Both unfeasible options. Or shut down Original Electronics like every other shop on the street.

She wouldn’t be surprised if one day people sold babies and pets online too.

Something everybody wants, she thought again. Maybe its time to check what that scientist has made.

As she entered scientist’s workplace she was amazed. Everything was so organized. Nobody expected him to be organized, seeing how he hardly shaved or combed his hair. Thank god he baths, was what her boyfriend had said about him.

But as she saw now, she could see loads of stuff. And there was a robot coming towards her.

“Shit!” She exclaimed. From where did he get the money to make robots. And that robot looks like…. She couldn’t place it, but familiar it looked.

And then there was a gush of wind which blew her hair astray. She looked back and saw the scientist closing a door. A door which was never there initially, or even a month ago when she rented the place to him.

“You made another door?!” She shouted at him.

“Door? Of course I made it. What do you think I was so happily about? Yes yes I am so happy. What is that you ask?”

She didn’t ask. But conversation with him always were like this.

“Oh it is the best thing I have made this week. This week yes yes. Brand new! It was such a headache to make this one. I didn’t sleep or take a bath in last three days. No no I didn’t.”

There you go boyfriend, she thought.

“And you will be surprised. Where do you want to go?”

“What kind of question is that? And how is it even related?”

“Bear with me. Bear. Tell me where do you want to go? Tell me, tell me tell me…”

“Okay okay. Say I want to go to the…my home. My home.”

Scientist looked disappointed with her answer. But in a moment he was again superfluous with his, um, invention.

“Okay okay. You think of your house and walk through that door.”

She hesitated but then figured might as well she what happens. And with him on her heels, she walked in through the door.

And into her house.

She stopped dead in her tracks and he hit her from behind. How is this possible?! Her house is half way across town.

He became his own self again. He started screaming again “I did it! I did it!” And ran through the house. Meanwhile she stood there trying to process of what just happened.

She couldn’t understand. How! How! HOW!

He came around running to her and she caught him, stopping him in his path.


He chuckled but sobered when he saw her expression. He cleared his throat, tried to sort out his hair.

“I made it. I call it a Door to Anywhere!” He looked at her expectedly but she didn’t reply. He continued “It is so simple. Simple. You think of where you want to go, walk through the door and you reach there on the same day within moments. Isn’t it amazing?”

Clarice stood dumbfounded. It can’t be possible, it must be a dream. She thought. She slapped herself just to be sure. The Slap hurt but she realized that this is her reality.

He didn’t stop talking. “… and I have made so many things. I made a inexhaustible battery. I made a sticky gloves. I made a helmet that will make you invisible! And wait this is the best…..I made a TIME MACHINE!”


A month ago this crazy looking scientists begged her for a place for his workshop. And now he could make things like these. She no longer was dubious of his claims, she had a proof of that herself.

“There is just one problem. Once you leave through this door and close it, there is no going back” He looked ashamed of this. Clarice couldn’t help it, she burst out laughing. She kissed him there, and the look on his face made it even more funnier for her.

She now had an idea. And she was sure this will work.

Who wouldn’t want a cellphone which never has to be charged?

Who doesn’t have regrets? Who doesn’t want to change their past?

Who doesn’t want to disappear? Leave their life back and start again?

And now she had what she wanted.

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That Night….

Daily Prompt

(Pick Your Gadget

Your local electronics store has just started selling time machines, anywhere doors, and invisibility helmets. You can only afford one. Which of these do you buy, and why?

(Thanks, atana’s world!, for inspiring this prompt!))

Time Machine.

Like three and half or more years ago I was walking my dog. My dog was still a pup then and he used to play a lot, running around the house like a lunatic, biting and chewing down every thing he could grab on with his mouth. He was full of energy and at that time(and till today and maybe forever) I called him my most prized possession.

But this isn’t about my dog. That day I saw something that is seared into my memory, still today burning hot.

I saw a swaying, speeding car coming down the road. I couldn’t see who was behind the wheel but my brain always fit there a youngster. Always.

I saw that car speeding and then running over a pup. A small pup that you could hold in your palm. Who looked like my dog. I still remember the whimper that escaped my throat when I saw that. I don’t know whether the pup had time to make a grasp or sound of pain.

All I saw was the pup, a second ago like any other stray pup, now no more then a inanimate body.

It took a second for me to turn and shout that bastard driver to stop. I would have hit him, fought with him if he would have stopped the car. He didn’t stop.

But in that one second I saw the scene repeat in my memory a thousand times. I imagined the look of pain in that pups face. I know that isn’t possible but I saw it. And every replay of gruesome scene made it more filled with anguish.

But nothing could have prepared me for what came next.

I saw the pups mother(I think so) come running. And the mere sight broke me. And then she howled. She barked. She nudged the body with her nose, trying to wake him up.

She seemed like crying. It was like a scene of a funeral. I may be imagining this but I could understand the raw cries of mourning there.

The mother turned in circles, barked at every moving human as if demanding answers, demanding explanation for what had happened to her pup.

I moved the dead and brought it to the side of the road. My dog was also curious to what happened.

I want a time machine. I want to go back to that night. I want to pick that pup before he is run over. I want to hit that guy senseless before he gets into his car.

I don’t care how it changes things. I don’t care about anything else, I just want to go back to that day and change it.


Life is life. No matter in any form.
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Back in Time

Daily prompt
Weekly challenge

An attempt in creative writing.


Time Travel:


Johnathan woke up. It was 11pm in the morning. He was tired. But lots of work to be done.

He took a shower, dressed back into his work cloths. Tie lose, the top button of his shirt undone. With his suit in his left hand and laptop case in his right he left for work.

On the way he stopped at a Chinese food outlet. Bought some chicken noodles and ate them for breakfast. On the way to office he checked out other people. Tired and exhausted people all around.

On the other side of the road he saw youngsters waiting in the line to get into a new morning club. He checked his watch, it was 9.30pm. He was late for work.

He reached the office, dumped the empty noodle carton in the bin and clocked in his time in.

“Working late again Mr.Bank?” The guard asked Johnathan. He smiled half heartily, suddenly his tiredness catching up. His shoulders slumped and eyes became heavier.

He reached the seventh floor, the only one in his office to be at this time. Everybody will arrive by 8.30pm. But he had work to do. He had to work on the reports that his boss had given him. He set out to his cabin, in his mind recalling all the mistakes of his report and then he set out to work.

He rechecked the calculations in the logistics, redid the entire memo. By the time he was done it was already 7.30pm. People had started coming in, but the top authorities will come a bit late he knew. His boss arrived and as soon as she reached her cabin she shouted “I need those reports John and I need them first thing.”

John hesitantly nodded, then got up with his reports and approached her. He gave her the reports and she glanced over them. She went inside, dismissing him completely.

Good. The reports were done. Now all he has to do is wait for her approval. His tiredness waning, he felt better. He buttoned the top button, straightening his tie.

He spent the rest of the day joking with his companions oblivious of the fact that none of them came early today to help him out.

As the time ticked away he did some other work and as the clock showed 10am he packed his laptop in the case and left. He left with all his friends and had dinner with them in the nearby cafe. Nothing like freshly brewed coffee for dinner.

As he reached home, he listened to blithe songs and walked around wishing good night to other walkers.

He slept that night happy and relaxed.