#4 Eureka!


Nothing was coming up!

He sighed, frustrated as he prepared his bathtub.

Two years it has been since he last wrote a story. Two years. His driest spell yet. It was not as if he couldn’t get ideas, they were a dime a dozen.

But none that were absolutely amazing. None were even close to his previous movies. All three of his previous movies were blockbusters, giving him a national award each.

He became the most famous screenwriter of industry, every producer wanted him. Every actor wanted to act on his play, and every reporter wanted to know what goes on in his mind.

But that was two years ago. Every idea that lit up in his mind, he himself took it apart. Nothing was good enough.

So in desperation he did things. He got drunk, a lot. More often that ended up with him landing in an unknown part of town with a girl whose name he couldn’t recall.

He got high a lot. That ended up with a overdose case which could have killed him. He still thanks God that he was nearby a hospital. Never again he touched drugs.

He read novels. Attended plays. For some inspiration. Something that could satisfy his own critic.

Eventually he hosted parties. Not for booze, he never touched it. The wine he held in his hand but never drank. He talked to the guest. All of the guest.

He asked them about their lives. Their loves, their dislikes. Their history, their dreams and their fears. Everything that he could scratch off them he did.

That made him a lot more popular. Everyone gave him a good time, everyone liked him. Once in a party he was a bigger cynosure then all the actresses.

But nothing made sense. Now he wanted an out. He had enough money to settle down. He could not work his entire life and still his children would have enough. He was thinking of going to some remote place, nearby a beach and lived there.

Nothing to do. Relaxation for rest of his life. His Elysium.

Dreaming of what and how his house will look like, he noticed the ripples produced by his body in the bathtub. He looked closely.

Saw the ripple getting weaker the more distance it traveled. And saw little water spilling out of the tub.

And click!!

He got an idea. Perfect idea. He got up, dashed out of his bathroom stark naked, yelling ‘Eureka! Eureka!’

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