‘It’s Mayur Remember?’ This is how I always introduce myself whenever I meet someone for the second time. I never make an impression and it always bothered me that I couldn’t so I decided to use it as a username for this blog. So proud of username. Now when I am living in Auckland, New Zealand this has gone on too far and no one can pronounce my name anymore.

Who am I?

I am a software developer and a Masters of Engineering graduate. I am definitely better with a computer than with people. However I do get some good human interactions and this blog is an attempt to use my ability to write for articulating my thoughts and sometimes write a fiction piece as I love writing stories. I have made some real good friends here.

I love a good book, I love cycling along the coast of Auckland even more. Always listening to music and I still can’t believe I have kept this blog alive with my first post on the site being more than 2 years old. One of the best motivations for me is to take what I can get. I struggle the same as everyone else: Job, Life, Family, Love, Money and my Writing.  I have also been a freelance writer and a contributor for India.com and currently contributing for My Trending Stories.

Sometimes I write about books as well, my post about Dale Carnegie is probably the most popular this year.

From this blog, and you as a audience I expect interactions, real interactions which I can hardly find in the real world anymore. I want this blog to be the foundations for the novels I intend to write in my future.

I try to publish once every two weeks.

Contact me at:

Twitter: @mayurwadhwanid

Instagram: @mayurdw

54 thoughts on “About

  1. I won’t forget you now Mayur, you sound like a compassionate person. I also love the personal interaction from blogging as I am content with my own company too although I know I need real life relationships as this helps fuel my writing and my soul! Good work with your blog!

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  2. I never thought you’re also an engineer like myself my friend 😀

    Even though you say here that you are better with computer than people I think you have a knack for attracting a bunch of cool people unlike myself. Maybe I need to change tone or something. Especially with the things I write about which I think people are judging as something “gloomy” that doesn’t lift the spirit.

    Anyway, thanks man, cool stuff you got here 🙂

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    1. Hey! Let me tell you something very important: you write for yourself and no one else. So let the words flow regardless of how gloomy they seem.

      It is not your job to lift anyone’s spirit, there are panda videos out there for that!

      Thanks for this awesome comment!

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  3. Hi Mayur, thank you for your like of my post. My son-in-law is an engineer. I know a lot of guys who prefer working with computer versus people. I like what you said that you do get some good human contact. It reminds me of the beginning of internet classes era. Educators worried about the students lacking human contacts.
    Your blog looks interesting to me. I’ll be back to visit. I’m on the other side of the globe – almost bed time.

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