‘It’s Mayur Remember?’ This is how I always introduce myself whenever I meet someone for the second time. I never make an impression and it always bothered me that I couldn’t so I decided to use it as a username for this blog. So proud of username. Now when I am living in Auckland, New Zealand this has gone on too far and no one can pronounce my name anymore.

Who am I?

I am a software developer and a Masters of Engineering graduate. I am definitely better with a computer than with people. However I do get some good human interactions and this blog is an attempt to use my ability to write for articulating my thoughts and sometimes write a fiction piece as I love writing stories. I have made some real good friends here.

I love a good book, I love cycling along the coast of Auckland even more. Always listening to music and I still can’t believe I have kept this blog alive with my first post on the site being more than 2 years old. One of the best motivations for me is to take what I can get. I struggle the same as everyone else: Job, Life, Family, Love, Money and my Writing.  I have also been a freelance writer and a contributor for India.com and currently contributing for My Trending Stories.

Sometimes I write about books as well, my post about Dale Carnegie is probably the most popular this year.

From this blog, and you as a audience I expect interactions, real interactions which I can hardly find in the real world anymore. I want this blog to be the foundations for the novels I intend to write in my future.

I try to publish once every two weeks.

Contact me at:

Twitter: @mayurwadhwanid

Instagram: @mayurdw

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