Things Never Done

I traveled by bus past her area, thinking I will be unaffected. But I become overwhelmed by the past.

The past was funny, flirty and childish. It was something inexperienced, new and cute as a baby.

The face I never could recall. I always marveled at my inability to recall her visage, I’m one of those who never forgot a face.

The words stayed though, the laughs shared, the places described and the wishes left unfulfilled. Of going to the places she described, enjoying the things she so enthusiastically explained, ones I never got to do.

Fate ran its own course and the irony of how things ended left me mortified. How the last conversation ended in blood and threats.

The realization of how big I messed up plagues me, producing questions which I could never find answers for. Regrets gave me a lesson in humility.

I miss the conversations. No matter how many times they are emulated with another, they lack the originality, the naïveté.

I guard my tongue more than before, aware that I’ll still hurt someone way too easily. Haunted by the thought of making the same mistake again.

Rain fell, seemingly to compliment the bereavement.

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