Level 2016: You Are Just Going To Get Harder Aren’t You?

If life is compared to a computer game then each year would be a level.

In the beginning of the level, it seems easier but with time it gets harder and harder. You pray for the demon to appear so you could beat him and finish the level.

If life is a computer game, then that demon really cannot be defeated. Because that bastard reiterates itself in multiple forms that it no longer have a name or face. That demon can be beat but then you will be wary of its reappearance.

If life is a computer game, then the game developer must be one of the sneaky ones. Because this game does not drop hints of the coming monstrosity. However, in the game developer’s defence, there are no intimation of blissful moments either. Sneaky and gracious game developer then.

If life is a computer game then most times you get hurt. However there is no reset button, if you die there is no reincarnation at the hospital like its GTA. There are no cheat code to gain weapons so that you can kill away the bastards in life. Then again, you realize you cannot hurt even a fly, killing is way out of your league.

Friends are those bonus which come irregularly but revitalize your life. Family is the thing that can sap your energy but without them the game is worthless. Game scores become irrelevant after enough game-play because the missions matter more. You already know you can’t get a perfect score; unless of course you have money.

If life is a computer game then level 2016 is going to be tougher than 2015.

There will be more heartbreak, more brutalities, sporadic joys. But maybe you have finally gotten the hang of it now.

Now you, if life is a computer game then you know where to look if you are almost out of power. You almost can see the trap coming from a couple of meters away. And you also know that you might be wrong. You would know what you are looking for, it won’t be absolute but it will be enough for now.

If 2016 is a game level, then there are a lot of levels left to play, so do not give up. Because you will die, so take your time and get up again. The rules are almost discernible now. Life is difficult, levels are more difficult and love is impossible.

But you play this computer game of life, cause only then there’s any meaning. Cause only then there’s Elysium in hardships.

13 thoughts on “Level 2016: You Are Just Going To Get Harder Aren’t You?

  1. I agree with much of what you said here, though I certainly do hope that your joys are much more than sporadic! Also, it’s been a while! I hope all is going well for you! And like I said, wishing you much joy in the new year. This video game has nothing on you! I like the idea that we create our lives with our thoughts, because I think it’s more true than we realize.

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      1. Oh no! That’s what happened! I’ve been so confused as so why nobody’s coming around anymore. Okay! Good to know! So I changed my URL from elizabeth1813.wordpress.com to callmeincorrigible.wordpress.com and so it changed some things up. I’m still here!!

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        1. Oh! TIP: never change URL because then the links of the old posts and everything else becomes defunct. It seems that you have deleted your account. Now go and comment on every one of your follower that you are still here and with a new URL.

          Good thing is that, I do not have to follow your new blog again so cool 🙂

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          1. It was all such an abrupt thing! I wanted to change the URL because I’d made that when I first started my blog, when it was anonymous. Now it’s not really anonymous so I wanted to change it but did it really without thinking. It was only after I did it that I realized I should have given people some warning! And now you are privy to my biggest air head moment in history…and also everyone that reads this will also know. So there’s that.

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              1. Haha! Thanks for the vote of confidence! I’m actually really glad that I discovered this because I hadn’t heard from you in a while and I was sitting here like….where did he go??

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