Speaking/Placements Day 1

It is kind of Amazing how things pan out sometimes!

As I mentioned before today I had a part of my IELTS exam, only the speaking module. And also today we have our college placements beginning.

Day 1.

Today we had the aptitude test for Accenture at 8.30 am. That’s right, 8.30. I never reach college by 8.30 and I had to come for the aptitude test by that time.

Not only that, my speaking module was scheduled at 9.00 am. The aptitude test timing I didn’t know till a day ago. I had asked in the college about it, but they didn’t disclose it.

And my college and the speaking test module location were far, like separated by an hour or so. So I had to make a decision, either Ielts or aptitude.

Rescheduling my speaking test was not an option. No way! I had prepared for this exam, a month’s worries and tension had cumulated to this. No way!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not greedy. I just wanted to do both, get good grades in my speaking test and achieve passing in my aptitude. But I knew I could do only one.

I reached the speaking module location, which by the way is the ITC Grand Central in Parel. Mind you, the hotel is amazing. Just by looking at it I was agape. Huge and sumptuous.

The lobby, i just did not want to leave!!

I was a good hour before my test. I waited in the lobby for the test to begin. Met a couple of people there, all test givers who for various reasons were giving the test. I found out that I’m the first person to give the test. Okay, I can do it I thought. And I gulped down some water for my parched throat.

Finally they called us, took us to the tenth floor, which turned out to be the spa floor(?) And one by one checked our documents and took one photograph. I was escorted to room 1007(I not gonna forget the details of a test like this!) Where I met my test taker Mrs Poonam.

Now I can’t describe my test in words. It was good, satisfactory. She asked a couple of questions I answered them. And in a blink of an eye, my fifteen minutes of speaking test were done. I enjoyed it, and I hope the results don’t disappoint either(coming on 19th September).

Turned out when I reached my college, I could give my aptitude too. There was another batch and I squeezed in. I hardly prepared for this but I did my best.

And voila, I got through the aptitude also!

Tomorrow I have group discussion round of Accenture placement. Followed by the remaining modules of Ielts exam on Saturday. And from Monday again I’ll have other companies coming to college for recruitment. Talk about a busy schedule! But this is better. I find myself growing more and more restive each day, that such coming days may prove fruitful for me. I don’t know what tomorrow holds for me.

Just because today was a good day, doesn’t mean tomorrow I’ll be lucky again. Luck is capricious bitch which hardly favors me. But I will still do my best. Funny thing is this, my classmates had more confidence in me than I did. Now to amidst all the bantering I received they held the opinion I’ll get recruited tomorrow.

I know it is not going to be easy. With such a huge pool of candidates applying tomorrow, I find my chances miniscule. But even if I don’t get in, I do hope I could remember the fact that I DID give it my best shot. That it is okay to not get in.

Let’s see how tomorrow goes!

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