Back in Time

Daily prompt
Weekly challenge

An attempt in creative writing.


Time Travel:


Johnathan woke up. It was 11pm in the morning. He was tired. But lots of work to be done.

He took a shower, dressed back into his work cloths. Tie lose, the top button of his shirt undone. With his suit in his left hand and laptop case in his right he left for work.

On the way he stopped at a Chinese food outlet. Bought some chicken noodles and ate them for breakfast. On the way to office he checked out other people. Tired and exhausted people all around.

On the other side of the road he saw youngsters waiting in the line to get into a new morning club. He checked his watch, it was 9.30pm. He was late for work.

He reached the office, dumped the empty noodle carton in the bin and clocked in his time in.

“Working late again Mr.Bank?” The guard asked Johnathan. He smiled half heartily, suddenly his tiredness catching up. His shoulders slumped and eyes became heavier.

He reached the seventh floor, the only one in his office to be at this time. Everybody will arrive by 8.30pm. But he had work to do. He had to work on the reports that his boss had given him. He set out to his cabin, in his mind recalling all the mistakes of his report and then he set out to work.

He rechecked the calculations in the logistics, redid the entire memo. By the time he was done it was already 7.30pm. People had started coming in, but the top authorities will come a bit late he knew. His boss arrived and as soon as she reached her cabin she shouted “I need those reports John and I need them first thing.”

John hesitantly nodded, then got up with his reports and approached her. He gave her the reports and she glanced over them. She went inside, dismissing him completely.

Good. The reports were done. Now all he has to do is wait for her approval. His tiredness waning, he felt better. He buttoned the top button, straightening his tie.

He spent the rest of the day joking with his companions oblivious of the fact that none of them came early today to help him out.

As the time ticked away he did some other work and as the clock showed 10am he packed his laptop in the case and left. He left with all his friends and had dinner with them in the nearby cafe. Nothing like freshly brewed coffee for dinner.

As he reached home, he listened to blithe songs and walked around wishing good night to other walkers.

He slept that night happy and relaxed.

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