Daily prompt: Where is The Line?

Daily prompt I walk the line. Which line? Which code? I am no Dexter to have a code to live by. I make things up as I go. More of an impulsive code to live by. Mainly my thinking in influenced by what I think is right or wrong. And I strongly intend to do … Continue reading Daily prompt: Where is The Line?

Daily prompt response: Tired of this Shit

I read a post Blaming and Punishing The Victim recently. And I got really angry. My day wasn't all that great. And on top of it, to read something like this. We are very sure, very confident. In fact over confident. Confident in news like this is only part of others lives. We understand what … Continue reading Daily prompt response: Tired of this Shit

Daily prompt: Remember those moments

In response to What are the three most memorable moments — good or bad, happy or sad I have written posts similar to the prompt before too. My post ephemeral feelings, make them linger are somewhat similar too. So this time I'm writing a fictional story on the mentioned prompt. He stepped on the gas, … Continue reading Daily prompt: Remember those moments

Worst Thing to do: Filter your Playlist

I read a couple of post out of which this is in response to two posts: Songs that saved my life pt 1 and Why We Weed: Book Deselection in Academic Libraries I do not have a background story as to why I like some songs. Nor do I have a any experience as to … Continue reading Worst Thing to do: Filter your Playlist

Those 17 minutes (My first Street Play experience)

The day started normally. No nervousness nor any anxiety. But the day wasn't normal. Today me, along with 15 of my teammates were going to perform in our college. The day, Friday, date 21st March. At 3pm we were going perform. Perform our Street Play. For the last one month, almost every day after college … Continue reading Those 17 minutes (My first Street Play experience)

Experience with the Tiny

Now about a day ago I read a post: Dear society: kids cry, deal with it. Dear parents: kids cry, stop bringing them to grown-up movies. The best thing was post was easy to relate to. I have had my share of experiences when some random baby in a train started crying or people trying … Continue reading Experience with the Tiny

Days Past

I just read a post of outmannedmommy  titled Simple Pleasures. And while the 2 year old is so cute in those pictures I would like to talk about something else. While reading the blog I started recalling my childhood. And my reminiscences of my childhood surprised me too. I remember so much of those days. … Continue reading Days Past

How we should and how we do?

I wrote my first blog last week. And I told my friends about it. They read it and generally gave great replies. And after that the first thing on my mind is what to write for my next blog? Usually when I write I write down the general idea and then build a chassis of … Continue reading How we should and how we do?